100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021]

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100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021]

100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021]

Excel Tools & Tricks to increase Productivity & Save Time. Become Excel PRo Using Excel Ninja Tricks (2013, 2016, 2019)

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (533 notes) 28,315 students

Instructor(s): Trulabz Technologies

Last update: 2020-06-10

What you’ll learn

  • • 20+ Tools to help you automate, streamline, and absolutely revolutionize your workflow with Excel
  • • Explore 20+ unique tools and case studies that you won’t find in ANY other Excel course, guaranteed
  • • MASTER HYPERLINKED WORKBOOK – All sheets as one place (won’t find in any Course)
  • • Apply the right tools for a given task instead of going to your go-to tools and making them work for every situation.
  • • Be a Confident & Advanced Microsoft Excel user
  • • Able to solve complex problems in Excel
  • • Increase operational efficiency and save lot of time.
  • • Get LIFETIME access to resources, Excel project files, quizzes, and 1-on-1 expert support



  • • You have basic Microsoft Excel knowledge.
  • • You are able to write basic formulas and are familiar with the Excel spreadsheet environment.
  • • Demonstration is done using Excel 2019. However, the focus of this training is to teach you new methods of doing things which you can do regardless of the Excel version you have.
  • • Microsoft Excel 2007-2019 or Office 365 (Note: some tools may not apply to all versions of Excel like Flash Fill)
  • • MS Office Version above 2013 is on high recommendation
  • • This course is designed for PC users (some tips & tools may not be available for Mac)



100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021]

This course is best described as:

Excel Shortcuts, Hacks & Tricks: 25+ Powerful Excel Tips

Become the Excel Hero with Advanced Excel Tools

Excel For Beginners! Top 25 Hottest Tutorials,Tips & Tricks!

If you’re a business/Working professional, who uses (or will be using Microsoft Excel) on a daily basis, this is the course for you!

The Course will Help You Build a Strong Foundation in Excel & Solve Complex Problems Fast – This is How:

  • · Use my top 20 Tools, Tricks, Tips to increase Productivity and save time

  • · Learn the top 20 Excel Tools for quick and fast calculation in no time.

It’s about featuring some of the most powerful and effective tools and techniques used by Excel professionals, and sharing them through nice, clear demos and unique, real-world case studies.

Microsoft Excel Top 20 Excel Tools, Tricks and Bonus tools:

1) Data Grouping

2) Data Consolidation

3) Freeze Panes

4) Splitting of Column

5) Text to Column

6) Flash Fill

7) Remove Duplicates

8) Hide Row & Column

9) Hide Worksheet & Hide Workbook

10) Auditing Tools

11) SUBTOTAL Feature


13) Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

14) Ribbon Customization – Create a tab of your name

15) Hide/Remove Tab

16) The Secret Excel Camera Tool

17) Amazing Secrets of Paste Special

18) Find/Replace

19) Quick Analysis

20) The Power of Hyperlinks


Super Amazing Bonuses:

1) Bonus Tool 1

2) Bonus Tool 2

3) Bonus Tool 3

4) Bonus Tool 4

5) Bonus Tool 5

and Many more……


[Excel Shortcuts keys for all tool used in this course.]

<<<<Real Time Excel Data which is used in the industries.>>>

  • Practice Files, Assignments and Case- Studies

  • E-book guide to assist while watching the videos


Super BONUS: MASTER HYPERLINKED WORKBOOK – All sheets as one place.




***** COURSE UPDATED: June 2021 *****

Becoming advanced in Excel takes practice, readiness to learn new methods and willingness to apply these to practical cases. Take this course to get a head start!


My motto of creating this course program is increase the awareness of the top excel tools which will eventually help you to solve complex problems. Explore the best possibilities Excel offers you, only then are you able to do any type of analysis with the best and clean method in the shortest time.

[*****It’s time to start working smarter, not harder. *******]

If you’re looking to maximize your efficiency, supercharge your productivity, and become an absolute Excel POWER USER, this is the course for you.

See you in there!

Nipun Gupta, Trulabz Technologies

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*** LIFETIME access includes Excel Pro Tip PDF eBook, Excel project files, 1-on-1 expert support, and a 100% guarantee ***


Who this course is for

  • • Excel users who are currently using Microsoft Excel and want to improve your skills.
  • • Excel users like students who are planning to take on a job that requires sound Excel knowledge.
  • • Excel Users who want to automate, streamline, and absolutely revolutionize your operations with Excel.
  • • Excel users looking to level-up and master the same tools and techniques used by Excel MVPs
  • • Anyone hoping to maximize productivity, work more efficiently, and take their career to a new level
  • • Students looking for an engaging, hands-on, and highly interactive approach to Excel training
  • • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence
  • • Competent Excel users who want to be on the top of the pinnacle of excel and wants a leading edge with Excel’s latest and most powerful tools.
  • • This course is NOT recommended for absolute beginners (some prior experience with Excel is encouraged)


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Setting Expectations with our course
    • Introduction to program
  • Advance Excel Data Tools 1 to 4
    • Tool No: 1 Group your Big data using Data Grouping Feature
    • Tool No: 2 Consolidate Data from Multiple Workbooks – Data Consolidation Tool
    • Tool No: 3 Freezing Panes – Better way to look data in complex datasets.
    • Tool No: 4 Compare First and Last Datasets using Splitting of Windows Feature.
    • Section 2 Quiz – Knowledge Check
  • Advance Excel Data Tools 5-7
    • Tool No: 5 Segregate Data using Text to Columns Tool
    • Tool No: 6 Flash Fill Magical Tool – The Power of Recognizing patterns
    • Tool No: 7 Remove Duplicates – Generating Unique Data
    • Section 3 Quiz – Knowledge Check
  • Advance Excel Data Tools 8 to 12
    • Tool No: 8 Hide Rows and Hide Columns – Play Hide & Seek with your data
    • Tool No: 9 Hide Worksheet & Workbook – Play Hide & Seek with your data Files
    • Tool No: 10 Now Know the Source and Destination of your Formula – Auditing Tool
    • Tool No: 11 Power of Subtotal – Get the Calculations done for your group data.
    • Tool No: 12 Untouch Secrets of GO TO TAB – Special
    • Section 4 Quiz – Knowledge Check
  • Advance Excel Data Tools 13 to 16
    • Tool No: 13 Excel Secret Tool – QAT
    • Tool No 14: Ribbon Customization
    • Tool 15: Hide/Remove Tab or Groups in Excel
    • Tool No: 16 The Secret Excel Camera Tool
    • Section 5 Quiz – Knowledge Check
  • Advance Excel Tools 17 to 20
    • Tool No: 17 Powerful Paste Special
    • Tool No: 18 Secrets of Find and Replace
    • Tool No: 19 Latest Quick Analysis
    • Tool No: 20 Hyperlinks
    • Section 6 Quiz – Knowledge Check
  • Time for Amazing Bonus Tool Videos
    • Bonus Tool No: 1
    • Bonus Tool No: 2
    • Bonus Tool No: 3
    • Bonus Tool No: 4
    • Bonus Tool No: 5
    • Tools Master Cheat Sheet – All in one Workbook
  • Section 8: 20 Excel Tools CHEAT SHEET
    • 20 Excel Tools CHEAT SHEET


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