2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications

2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications

2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications

Master MS Excel with applications and Boost your Career and Business

Language: english

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Instructor(s): SMARTER ACADEMY

Last update: 2021-11-14

What you’ll learn

  • Excel Cells and Calculations
  • Compound Formulas and computations
  • TOP MS EXCEL Templates for different Business applications
  • Professional Printing for Excel Worksheets
  • Excel applications
  • Mastering MS Excel from Zero to Professional



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2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications
2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications


Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications

The Key objective of the course is Mastering MS Excel with applications and Boost your Career and Business.

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft in 1985, with the sole purpose of helping businesses compile all their financial data, yearly credit, and yearly debit sheets. Fast forward to the future after 31 years, it is now the most commonly used program for creating graphs and pivot tables. However, many still believe it is just a mere tool for small business purposes. That’s WRONG! Today, we are going to look at some of the major important purposes MS Excel is most used for. So, let’s start!

Easy Arithmetic Solutions
Perhaps the most important use of MS Excel is using its ability of mass arithmetic calculations. With a vast program full of formulae, it can add, subtract, multiply and divide hundreds of numbers altogether, and can easily re-do it if a value is changed or added. This feature can be used to easily make a company’s yearly sales and other spreadsheets.

Formatting Options
The various formatting options, including italics, highlighting, and colors, allow businesses to bring the most important data to be different from the rest. A number of tasks achieved through this tool are beyond impressive, with entire row highlighting and comparing lists and values to name a few. You can use them to highlight specific entries in Accounting.

Availability of Online Access
Excel is part of the Office 365 Productivity Suite, Which means that business employers and their employees can easily access their files over the cloud network, free from the bondages of file transfer. Using a web-enabled PC, mobile or tablet, you can use the same program and access the same file remotely, making it easy to do changes if you can’t access your PC and need to send the spreadsheet immediately!

Charts for Analysis
If you are working in a large association where the boss wants the detailed visual representation of the various sectors of the business, you’ll need to draw charts. MS Excel makes it easy to do so! After filtering and correctly inputting data, you can turn it into a Pie Chart or Clustered Columns with a single click. Even better, it allows you to customize the colors and boundaries of the charts and pie diagrams!

Bring all the data in one place
Containing over 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns each in the spreadsheet, with hundreds of them, or even more if your PC is capable, in a single file, Excel allows you to create spreadsheets bigger than 20 A1 papers! You can import data from other spreadsheets and add pictures and other objects through the insert tab, making it easy to put all the data you collected in various files in one place.

Human Resource Planning
Although there are other systems such as Oracle, or QuickBooks for planning this, Excel allows you to manage it all in one file! You can summarize an employee’s expenses, their pay per hour, and easily discover wrong entries. Human Resource Professionals use this to take the whole employee journal in bulk and use it to plan future credit and decide whether to invest more or not, making it important for the control of the future.


2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications2022 Professional MS EXCEL Course with Real Applications

Who this course is for

  • any human
  • students
  • managers and employees
  • CEOs
  • Engineers
  • Teachers
  • MS Excel and Office Practitioners


Course content

  • About Instructor and Course
    • About Instructor: Haytham H. Elmousalami
    • About the course
  • Pro Basics of Excel
    • Launch MS Excel
    • Explore MS Excel
    • Customize the Ribbon
    • Excel Worksheet Columns and Rows
    • Backstage View [File Tab]
    • Save, Save as and Auto-Save
    • Sheet Options
    • Quiz and Ask for help if you need
  • Excel Cells and Calculations
    • Excel Cell Concepts
    • Cell Writing
    • Compound Formulas Part 1
    • Compound Formulas Part 2
    • Cell Fill
    • Cell Format
    • Quiz
  • TOP MS EXCEL Templates and Dashboards with applications
    • Personal monthly budget
    • Personal expenses calculator
    • Food budget
    • Household monthly budget
    • TO Do List Templates
    • Wedding invitation and Social Media
    • Your Health tracking templates… Stay Healthy
    • Others [Car, Job applications, …]
    • Moon Calendars and Any Year expenses
    • Birthday and Personal Calendars
    • Work shifts Calendars Part 1
    • Work shifts Calendars Part 2
    • Academic, Family, and Summer
    • Pareto Principle and Analysis
  • Professional Printing for Excel Worksheets
    • Excel Printing Part 1
    • Excel Printing Part 2


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