[2022] The Complete Business Plan Course with Templates

[2022] The Complete Business Plan Course with Templates

[2022] The Complete Business Plan Course with Templates

Create your own Business Plan from scratch-get your plan accepted by BANKS and Lenders Guaranteed

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Sidra Siyal



The challenges of running a business are numerous, but the rewards of running a truly successful organisation can be extraordinary. It’s been said that neglecting to plan is intending to fail, and this is true. Putting in the time and effort to create a fantastic Plan is well worth the time and work. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to developing a truly excellent business plan; however, the good news is that if you do so, you will wind up running a truly excellent firm, and – in the author’s experience – truly excellent enterprises always attract investment on favourable terms.

This course explains the steps involved in creating a truly effective business plan, including sections on Planning, Rewards, Risks, Targets, Content, and Presentation, as well a part on what to do after the plan has been prepared.

This course exposes students to business ideas via hands-on experience as they prepare a business plan for a fictional company that they create on their own. With each chapter, the student learns introductory concepts that are then applied to their business plan by the end of the chapter. It is believed that this way of teaching students to business topics enables them to apply new concepts as well as make connections between concepts studied in previous chapters.

    In the lectures, the emphasis is on the practical components, such as illustrating how a plan can be put together – quickly and easily – that will be of genuine help in directing the business from year to year, and even day to day. Also emphasised in this section is the creative side of planning as a means of effecting change, innovating, and combating ever-changing market and economic situations.

A free downloadable template for the business plan, which includes financial predictions, is included with the text. Financial estimates are particularly challenging at the beginning level.  This course is the first in a series of practical guides that help business students learn and then apply new concepts.


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