2022 – The Master in Web Development (Backend & Frontend)

2022 - The Master in Web Development (Backend & Frontend)

2022 – The Master in Web Development (Backend & Frontend)

The Master in Web Designing and Web Development with FULL Practical, Exercises (HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL etc)

Language: english

Note: 3.4/5 (7 notes) 4,806 students

Instructor(s): Faisal Zamir

Last update: 2022-09-21

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn frontend and backend with practical examples and exercises
  • You will be able how to setup and Install MySQL Database server. And make connection with Database
  • You will be able to Learn PHP as backend language that is important as well as most used programming language.
  • You will be able to learn HTML, CSS with Practical. Also discussed different properties of HTML and CSS.
  • You will learn How to use CSS different properties like margin, padding, float, background etc
  • You will learn How to use HTML in website like to comments, to use CSS in HTML, etc
  • You will learn PHP Extension that is MySQLi, which have different methods to perform different operations.



  • There is no requirements or prerequisites for taking this course




This Course is about to learn Web Development and Web Designing.

Course Bundling:

You should know that we are providing bundle of course in one. In which you will learn Three courses as discussed below with explanation:

  1. HTML     (Frontend Skill)

  2. CSS        (Frontend Skill)

  3. PHP        (Backend Skill)

  4. MySQL  (Database Server) and MySQLi PHP Extension (SQL)

You should know that in this course you will be able to learn front end skills like HTML, CSS with different examples, Backend Skills like PHP, MySQL, Database etc.

What is HTML?

You Know HTML is the hyper text markup language that is used to create a website, website structure, inserting media like images, videos audios etc. It is very necessary to learn HTML from basic level, if you want to become a web designer or a frontend developer. It is not enough you have to learn more like CSS.

What is CSS?

You Should know that CSS is the cascading style sheet that is used to design a website with different properties. If you want to make a website beautiful, attractive, eye catch, etc you need to learn CSS. Because there are different type of style you can provide to your website. Without HTML, you cannot use CSS, because CSS need HTML element like h1, h2, p, img etc to apply some CSS styles. So learn HTML first then CSS, or both.

What is PHP?

PHP is the server side scripting language. It is most used and famous one programming language that is widely used as backend programming language for web or website development. Most popular CMS systems are developed with PHP like WordPress. PHP is the easy and simple programming language this is flexible, scalable and free -open source.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is the Relational Database Management system that is used to store logical data in table form. There are different things you need to learn in MySQL database. It is the database server that is widely used by big companies like Facebook, YouTube, Udemy etc.

What is MySQLi?

MySQLi is the PHP extension  which have different methods to work with Query or to communicate with Database.

Instructors Experiences and Educations:

Faisal Zamir

Master in Computer Science

6+ Year Experience in School, Colleges, University etc

Why you Enroll to this Course?

Do you want to become a Professional Web Developer? Then this course is for you. You can make enrollment to this course if you want to be become a full stack developer because we will discuss front end and back end both skills with full practical.

Why you need to Make Enrollment to this Course because:

Outlines for this Web Development Course:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • PHP

  • MySQL Database

  • MySQLi Extension

Our Uniqueness (We Focus Always):

You should know that we always focus on something,

  • Quality

  • Clear Topics

  • Examples

Advantage of this course

When you Enroll to this course you will get following advantages:

  • Surely, you will get Video Lectures

  • We will Provide Assignments for your Practice

  • We will Provide Problems and their solution

  • We will Provide PPT Notes and other Notes when require

  • We will Provide all Source Code as we write in Course

  • Proper Management in Study Materials

Thank you!

Faisal Zamir


Who this course is for

  • For Everyone who want to learn Web Designing and Web Development with full practical


Course content

  • Chapter 01 Master in Web Development
    • Web Development Chapter 01 Introduction
    • What is Website in Web Development Course
    • What is Web Designing and It Skills in Web Development Course
    • What is Web Development and It Skills in Web Development Course
    • What is Frontend Backend and Full Stack Development
    • Scope of Web Development
    • Online Market Scope of Web Development
    • Web Development Jobs
    • Web Developer Average Salaries
  • PHP Chapter 01
    • PHP Chapter 01 Outlines
    • PHP introduction
    • PHP Different Syntax
    • PHP Hello World Program
    • PHP echo and print function
    • PHP Comments with Examples
    • PHP Reserved Word
    • PHP Escape Sequence
    • Next PHP Chapter 02
  • PHP Chapter 02
    • Variable in PHP
    • Variable Declaration and Initialization in PHP
    • Variable Declaration Rules in PHP
    • What is Constant in PHP
  • PHP Chapter 03
    • Scalar Data Types in PHP
    • PHP Compound Data Types
    • Special Data type in PHP
  • PHP Chapter 04
    • String in PHP with Examples
    • String Built-in Methods in PHP
  • PHP Chapter 05
    • Integer Number in PHP
    • Float Number in PHP
    • Infinity Number in PHP
    • NaN Number in PHP
    • Numerical Strings in PHP
    • Type Conversion in PHP
    • Math Function in PHP
  • PHP Chapter 06
    • Operators in PHP
    • Arithmetic Operators in PHP
    • Comparison Operators in PHP
    • Logical Operators in PHP
    • Assignment Operator in PHP
    • Conditional Operators in PHP
    • Increment and Decrement Operators in PHP
    • String Operators in PHP
    • Array Operators in PHP
  • MySQLi Chapter 01
    • Chapter 1 MySQLli Outline
    • MySQL Database Introduction
    • PHP API Options
    • MySQLi and MySQL Difference
    • MySQL DB used by big companies
    • MySQL Installation and Setup
    • Database and Website Relationship
    • Creating and Connecting MySQL Database
    • MySQLi Next Chapter 02 Outline
  • MySQLi Chapter 02
    • MySQLi Chapter 02 Outline
    • MySQLi DDL Commands
    • Creating Table using MySQLi
    • MySQLi Alter Command with Examples
    • MySQLi drop truncate rename and comments
    • MySQLi Next Chapter 03 Outline
  • MySQLi Chapter 03
    • MySQLi Chapter 03 Outline
    • MySQLi what is Query
    • MySQLi Select Query with Examples
    • MySQLi INSERT Query with Examples
    • MySQLi Next Chapter 04 Outline
  • MySQLi Chapter 04
    • MySQLi Chapter 04 Outline
    • MySQLi Delete Query with Example
    • MySQLi Update Query with Examples
    • MySQLi Next Chapter 05
  • MySQLi Chapter 05
    • MySQLi Where in not in between comparison operators
    • MySQLi Like Operator with Examples
    • MySQLi and or not Operators
  • HTML | Chapter 01
    • Chapter 01 Introduction to HTML
    • HTML Introduction and Basic Structure
    • HTML Attributes with Examples
    • HTML Headings and Paragraph with Examples
    • HTML Comments with Examples
    • HTML Quotations with Example
  • HTML | Chapter 02
    • HTML Style Attribute with Examples
    • HTML with CSS in Three Methods with Examples
    • HTML Block and Inline Level Element with Examples
    • div and span Element with Examples
    • HTML Class with Examples
    • HTML ID Attributes with Examples
    • Bookmarking with ID and Hyperlinks with Examples
  • HTML | Chapter 03
    • HTML Formatting tags with Examples
  • HTML | Chapter 04
    • HTML Color with Examples
  • HTML | Chapter 05
    • HTML Image insertion with Examples
    • Image Importance in Website
    • Image as Link in HTML
    • HTML File Location Path with Examples
    • HTML Links with Examples
    • HTML Absolute and Relative URLs with Examples
  • HTML | Chapter 06
    • HTML Table Part 1 with Examples
    • HTML Table Part 2 with Examples
  • HTML | Chapter 07
    • HTML Unordered and Ordered List with Examples
    • HTML Data Definition List with Example
  • HTML | Chapter 08
    • HTML Head Part Elements
  • CSS | Chapter 01
    • CSS_Chapter_01_Introduction
    • CSS Introduction with Examples
    • CSS Simple Selectors with Examples
    • CSS in HTML with Different Methods
    • CSS Attributes Selectors with Examples
    • CSS Combinators with Examples
    • important Keyword in CSS with Examples
    • CSS_Comments_with_Examples
    • CSS_Colors_with_Examples
    • CSS Background in Web Page with Examples
  • CSS | Chapter 02
    • CSS Button with Examples
    • CSS Fonts with Examples
    • CSS Shadow with Example
    • CSS Text Properties with Examples
    • CSS Gradient with Examples
    • CSS Opacity Property with Examples
  • CSS | Chapter 03
    • CSS Float Property with Examples
    • CSS Overflow with Example
    • CSS Display Property with Example
    • CSS Visibility with Example
    • CSS Multiple Column with Examples
    • CSS Icons Font Awesome with Examples


2022 - The Master in Web Development (Backend & Frontend)

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