21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation

21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation

21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation

Be Released from what’s holding you back, wake up to clarity and create your best year ever in only 15 mins a day!

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What you’ll learn

  • Be equipped with the tools to overcome anything that’s holding them back in life
  • Step-by-step guide to gain structure, declutter your mind and find clarity amidst a chaotic time
  • Elevate your overall level of happiness and learn to easily pick an positive and optimistic attitude
  • Feel empowered to heal and release your past baggage and replace it with wisdom
  • Learn how to create routine they can stick with and follow through
  • Learn how to plan out achievable steps toward your goals
  • Understand what your heart truly desires and actively build your dream life



  • 15 minutes a day
  • Be determined to take control of your fate and be a better self


21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation


Did you know that 75% of the population will experience trauma or life-altering incidents at some point in their lives? Founder split-up, business bankruptcy, getting into a car accident, getting cheated on… Be it business or personal, failures and setbacks can leave us vulnerable and uncertain about the future. You are NOT ALONE. As a serial entrepreneur, I have discovered ways to overcome my high-function depression and other chronic health conditions resulting from business and personal failures.

Self-help books don’t work on me, because I can never finish it. Meditation only help calms me for that 20 mins. I wish there is someone who can provide me a step-by-step guide and ensure I can stay on track. Hence, this challenge has been created as a fun and affordable way to begin your journey of self-heal to rediscover your sunshine again.

For just 10-15 minutes a day, for 21 days, this simple challenge will:

i) create structure and build happiness habits that will help you bring clarity, happiness and success in your life

ii) equip you a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you face your failures, overcome your challenge and use what you have learnt to your advantage

iii) create an action plan towards your dream life

Join the challenge now!


21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation21-Days Challenge to Overcome Failure & Find Motivation

Who this course is for

  • Entrepreneurs going through setback and adversity
  • Anyone who wish to heal from their past and release their emotional baggage
  • Anyone who wish to actively create a happier and positive mindset
  • Anyone who wish to build a good routine & plan for their best year ever
  • Anyone overcoming a difficult period
  • Anyone who is feeling heavy but don’t know where to begin to release the negative emotions


Course content

  • Day 1 – Find your sunshine again: Creating Space, Structure and A Happy Mind
    • Day 1 – Introduction to Week 1 & 2 easy steps to stay committed
    • Day 1 – Bonus DIY Quotes
    • Lecture 2: Day 2.1 – Happiness Explained
    • Day 2.2 – The Power of Music and Gratitude
    • Day 3 – List of Instant Joy
    • Day 4 – Declutter Your Mind, Declutter Your Life
    • Day – 5 Self-Appreciation Day
    • Day 6 – Regain the Sense of Adventure
    • Day 7 – Week 1 Review & Reward
    • Is is possible to make happiness a default state of mind?
  • Week 2: Rainy Days – How To Overcome Your Setback, Failures and Regret and Grow
    • Day 8 – Week 2 Introduction – Overcoming the Rainy Days
    • Day 8 – What are your recurring thoughts?
    • Day 9 – Key causes of not letting go
    • Day 10 – Honour How You Feel
    • Day 11 – Your Deserve Acknowledgement
    • Day 12 – 1 Step to Forgiveness
    • Day 13 – Easy Way To Change Your Perspective
    • Day 14 – Review and Celebrate Your Growth
  • Week 3 – Here Comes the Sun: Introduction to Creating Your Best Future
    • Day 15 – Week 3 Introduction: Creating Your Best Future
    • Day 15 – Decide What You Want & Design Your Future
    • Day 16 – How to apply visualisation & manifestation skills to help
    • Day 17 – Becoming of that “person”
    • Day 18 – Putting together the Puzzle to Create Your New Reality
    • Day 19 – Result-Oriented Goal Setting Methodology
    • Day 20 – Creating Your Very Own 90-Days Plan
  • Completion of 21-days – Recap & Celebrate
    • Day 21 – Following through and Celebrate


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