3 Easy Aesthetic Gouache Painting For Beginners

3 Easy Aesthetic Gouache Painting For Beginners

3 Easy Aesthetic Gouache Painting For Beginners

Gouache Painting

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Instructor(s): Arbia Sultana

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to paint with Gouache
  • You will learn how to use watercolours as gouache
  • the different types of techniques with gouache
  • you will learn more than 5 different objects to paint such as clouds, trees, garden, roses, shadows, leaves…



  • The materials required for the class is-
  • 1. Artist grade Gouache Paints { or watercolours if u dont have gouache }
  • 2. 300gsm Watercolour Paper
  • 3. Flat end brush #10, Round tip brush #10, liner brush #<0 >
  • 4. tissue/ cloth
  • 5. 2 jar of water
  • 6. masking tape and pencil



Hello Artist, this Is Arbia Sultana a Watercolour Artist by passion and a Dentist by Profession, Hope you are doing well,

Gouache is a water based medium which is similar to Watercolours the only difference among them is gouache is an opaque medium. Gouache can act as a watercolour as well as acrylics. So its a very beautiful medium to explore the paintings .The properties of gouache makes the painting process easy. Aesthetics, is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty and taste, as well as the philosophy of art. Today in this course we will be learning how to paint three different aesthetic landscapes.

1. is Aesthetic landscape Painting

2. is Moonlit night sky Painting

3. is Garden Pathway Painting { A realtime painting with application of knowledge learnt from the two classes which is fun }.

Also we will be learning to paint clouds and other objects .

The Requirement for the class is – basic knowledge of techniques (wet on wet, wet on dry)

Apart from this you require-

1. 300gsm coldpressed watercolor paper

2. Gouache paints artist grade/ Watercolours with white acrylic.

3. Brushes

4. White gel pen and basic stationary

5. Masking take,

6. tissue,

7. jar of water .

This class is beginner friendly who wants to level up their skills and also for those artists who wants to learn these paintings.

Join the class now .

Keep Learning And Keep Creating.

– Arbia Sultana.


Who this course is for

  • Beginner to gouache
  • Watercolour Artist/ Acrylic Artist / Oil Paint Artist who wants to try Gouache medium
  • And also Anyone who is interested to learn to paint


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Materials Required
    • Materials Required
  • Painting class
    • 1st Painting intro
    • Aesthetic Landscape Painting
    • 2nd Painting Intro
    • Night Sky Painting
    • Night Sky Painting contin…
    • 3rd Painting Intro
    • Garden Pathway Painting
    • Thankyou


3 Easy Aesthetic Gouache Painting For Beginners

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