3ds Max – Architectural Interior Designing Masterclass

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3ds Max - Architectural Interior Designing Masterclass

3ds Max – Architectural Interior Designing Masterclass

Learn Interior Designing and Texturing using 3DS Max Software.

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Instructor(s): eduCBA (CBCPL)

Last update: 2022-06-08

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Interior modeling and Modelling the plan, Top View Modelling, Selecting Edge & Vertex, Perspective View, and Editable Poly-Vertex.
  • Learn techniques of Wall Modelling, Windows Modelling and teaches us Window Adjustments, Window Base, Window-Deselecting, and Bedroom Windows Interior.
  • Bed Cloth Modelling, Cloth Model for Pillows, Importing the Bed, Back Panel of Bed, Cloth Bedsheet Modelling, and Master Bedroom.
  • Floor Cloth Modeling and Texturing, Wooden Floor Modelling, Floor Mat Texturing, Texturing the Bed Sheet, Pillow Texturing, Bedroom Panel Texturing.



  • The pre-requisites of starting the 3DS Max Architecture Course is as follows: Basic knowledge about computers is a must. A computer of 2.4 GHz core 2 or i5 or i7 processor is required for working of the program without any issues. The computer should have 4GB RAM or Higher that can accommodate various heavy files The students and learners should have a desire and passion to learn interiors using 3Ds Max. A basic understanding of 3D tools and the environment will help the users to learn the software quickly. 3Ds Max is an easy program to learn but it is a vast program too. So, a lot of patience and determination is also required from the learner’s end.



3DS Max is not just a program today, but it is an industry itself. It is used in many of the industries and fields of architecture and engineering. Today 3DS Max is been taught in various educational institutions and schools. The growing demand for the program will keep the excitement going and the company will ultimately update the program with newer and latest features and tools.

This 3DS Max Architecture Course is a practical and simple course which is designed in a way that it can be used by beginners as well as professionals. The course offers great examples and techniques that will help the students to gain knowledge about creating interior architecture using the software.

There is much 3D software available in the market today. But learning 3DS Max will boost the skills of the learners and also help them to learn the basics of 3d Modelling and animation.

Many of the skills that this course teaches are Interfaces of 3DS Max, Basic Modelling, Interior Modelling, Wall Modelling, Sofa Modelling, Dining Table and Chair Modelling, TV Panel Modeling, Lighting, and Dome & Mesh Lights.

3Ds Max is a popular and well-known 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. It is widely used by various 3D artists, modelers, engineers, architects, and interior designers. The software is developed and created by Autodesk. 3DS Max program can be used on Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.

3DS Max is also used in Video Games to create 3D models, game properties, and animations. The program has an amazing renderer that renders realistic images and helps in the clarity of the same. It also can navigate real-life camera settings. By enabling the Active Shade Mode in the software, the users can see render outputs and can also view the changes made to lighting and materials in a scene.

The architectural industries also use 3DS Max to create photorealistic images of the buildings and architecture in the design phase. 3DS Max works on Polygonal Modelling which helps the users to have control over every polygon present in the model. This helps the users to a great extent and provides accuracy and efficiency in their work. 3ds Max has its scripting language, changeable plugins, and user-friendly interface. This makes 3DS Max personalize and adjustable according to the needs of the user.


Who this course is for

  • This 3DS Max Architecture Course is all about modeling interiors and various equipment present in the house. This training targets students interested in learning it using 3DS Max. Students and learners who are keen to become 3D Architecture Designers can go for this course. Designing professionals who are thinking of making a career in 3DS Max can also use this course. 3D Animators and architects can also use this course to gain immense knowledge on the subject.


Course content

  • 3DS Max
    • Introduction to 3D max Interface
    • Rename and select
    • Geometry View
    • Directions
    • Changing Axis dimensions
    • Rotating the Sphere
    • Basic Modeling Chair
    • Making Curve Shape
    • Making Additional Chair Shape
    • Attaching an Object
    • Making Chair portion
    • Hide and Unhide Objects
    • Making Rest Portions of Chair
    • Making Rest Portions of Chair Continued
    • Attaching the Chair Portions


3ds Max - Architectural Interior Designing Masterclass3ds Max - Architectural Interior Designing Masterclass

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