5 Weeks to Mindfulness For People Who Suck at Being Mindful

5 Weeks to Mindfulness For People Who Suck at Being Mindful

5 Weeks to Mindfulness For People Who Suck at Being Mindful

Easy shifts we can all make to reduce stress, become happier & more present, worry less and enjoy life more.

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Instructor(s): Melissa Maxx

Last update: 2022-11-22

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what mindfulness is, how it works and discover tools to use in daily life to become more present, less stressed and happier.
  • Become mindful of self limiting beliefs and self-talk.
  • Learn how the mind and body are connected and how mindful choices can help optimize your health, experience and performance.
  • Mindfulness practices that help with stress reduction, self-esteem, goal setting and relationships.



  • No experience with mindfulness is required. Although this is a beginners course, it may be helpful for people who do have a basic understanding of mindfulness but want to hone their skills.



Life seems to be speeding by at an alarming rate. Although we have access to almost everything at the tips of our fingers, the number of people struggling with anxiety and depression is unprecedented. You don’t have to be a guru, monk or meditator to use mindfulness to improve the quality of your life. There are simple tools and tips accessible to us all that will bring more contentment, peace and presence into our lives.

This course will explain what mindfulness is, and give you a good foundation for starting a mindfulness practice in just 5 weeks. You’ll learn to start paying attention to and questioning your thoughts. You’ll learn how the mind and body are interconnected and start making more mindful choices about your health and well-being. You will be able to determine the energy boosters and energy drainers in your life, and you will use being mindful to become a more mindful being.

This course is appropriate for beginners and people who are brand new to the concept of mindfulness, as well as those who have knowledge of mindful living and want to strengthen their practice.

There are practical actionable things we can all do to enjoy life more. We don’t have to feel like we are victims of circumstance. Although we can’t control everything that happens to us, we can control how we perceive things and how we respond.


Who this course is for

  • Do you find yourself living on autopilot? Do you feel like life is happening TO you and not for you? Do you often feel out of control and like a victim of circumstance? If so this course is for you! You will get an understanding of what mindfulness is and how being mindful can positively impact all areas of your life. You will learn simple mindful living tools and practices that will help you be more present, thankful, peaceful and powerful.
  • Beginners and those with a foundation in mindfulness will benefit from this course.


Course content

  • Intro to Mindfulness: Meet your coach
    • Course Intro and meet your Coach!
  • What Is Mindfulness?
    • What is mindfulness?
  • Review: What is mindfulness question and answer.
    • Review : what is mindfulness basics q&a
  • Week #1: Mindful Thinking.
    • 1. What is mindful thinking?
    • Quick review: Mindful Thinking
    • Exercise 1: Becoming aware of and interrupting your thoughts.
    • Exercise 2: Assessing your thoughts.
    • Exercise 3: Reframing/Reprogramming your thoughts.
  • Week 2: Mindful Energy
    • What does being mindful of our energy entail?
    • Exercise 1: Optimizing your morning
    • Exercise 2: Being mindful of your media diet.
    • Exercise 3: Re-energizing/ re-centering mindfulness breaks
  • Week 3: Mindful Relationships
    • Using mindfulness to relate to others.
    • Exercise #1: Responding not reacting.
    • Exercise #2: Relationship Inventory
  • Week 4: Mindful Health and Body
    • Mindful Health and Body.
    • Mindful Sleeping.
    • Mindful eating.
    • Mindful Movement.
  • Week 5: Mindful Being
    • What is mindful being?
    • Exercise 1: The alignment equation for authenticity.
    • Exercise 2: Self Dissection.
  • End of course summation and final talking points.
    • Summary and final thoughts.


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