A Calm Home.

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A Calm Home.

A Calm Home.

Interior Design for More Well-Being.

Language: english

Note: 4.2/5 (2 notes) 378 students

Instructor(s): Ana Marcu



In this class, you will learn how the design of the space around you can influence how you feel and how to design a home that is more conducive to calm. Each lesson explains one specific aspect of design that impacts how calm you feel and offers a few action steps of how you might implement the idea at home.

The lessons:

01. Order
In this lesson, you will learn how the order of your environment can impact how overwhelmed you feel and learn a few ideas about how to design your furniture to create more order.

02. Nature
Nature has been our home for millions of years and has become highly interdependent of its presence. In this lesson, I explain how nature impacts our overall wellbeing and a few ways you can invite nature into your home.

03. Round Shapes
Here I explain why we feel attracted to round / organic shapes and how they make us feel. You will also learn a few tips to make the space around you look more organic.

04. Soft and Heated
Here I explain how soft and warm surfaces comfort us when we are distressed and how to design your home with them.

05. A habit of calm
Calm can sometimes be trained by linking it with a habit and a space. In this lesson, you will learn how to design a space to support a specific habit.

06. Better with time
You will learn how the items in your home, their perceived value, their fragility, or the quality of materials can set you on edge make you feel inhibited.

07. Fix, tighten and repair
Don’t let the items around you break down. Make sure you take care of them. Our home is our foundation. When the things around you are shaky and wobbly, they can perpetuate the feeling of instability in your life.

This class is for anyone who wants to understand how the design of the space around us can impact how we feel. You don’t have to make fundamental changes or break the bank to have a home that makes you feel calm and relaxed.



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