Aari Embroidery – Basic 22 Stitches

Aari Embroidery - Basic 22 Stitches

Aari Embroidery – Basic 22 Stitches

Create stunning garments using Aari Embroidery

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What you will learn

  • Understand the Basic Stitches of Aari Embroidery
  • Learn how to use Beads, Sequins, etc (apart from thread) in Aari Embroidery
  • Enhance a garment using Aari Embroidery
  • Understand how different types of stitches can be used to create complex designs



  • This is a Basic Course. So it is suitable for anyone who is willing to learn Aari Embroidery. No prior knowledge is required.
  • Aari Embroidery Toolkit (Containing Needles, Thread, Sequins, Beads, Cloth etc)


Aari Embroidery - Basic 22 StitchesAari Embroidery - Basic 22 Stitches



India is known for its magnificent embroidery techniques. These embroidery designs reflect the different cultural tastes of India.

Aari embroidery is one such embroidery technique that is believed to have originated in the Mughal era. It is practiced in many parts of India – especially in Gujarat & Kashmir. Aari embroidery designs are heavily inspired by Nature and you can commonly find motifs such as leaves, flowers, birds, plants, trees & animals in Aari embroidery designs.

The cloth is held tightly on a stand and the designs are stitched using a long needle with a hook at the end. Apart from the thread, items such as stones, beads, pearls, sequins, etc are also used to decorate the designs. Though Silk & Cotton fabrics are commonly used, Aari embroidery can be done in a range of fabrics such as velvet, silk cotton, Georgette, etc.

Aari embroidery is widely sought after by people in India – especially for Bridal Blouses. As these designs are handmade and look exquisite, they fetch a great price in the market. So anyone looking to start a business can seriously consider providing Aari embroidery services.

In this course, we will cover the basic 22 stitches of Aari Embroidery. Each type of stitch will be demonstrated through separate video lessons. These stitches can be used in multiple combinations to create complex & beautiful design patterns.


Aari Embroidery - Basic 22 StitchesAari Embroidery - Basic 22 Stitches


Who should attend

  • People who are interested in starting a Small Apparel Business.
  • People who are interested in pursuing Aari Embroidery as a hobby.
  • People who are interested in designing & creating their own dress.


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