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Coursemetry is the best source for everything related to online courses with certificate of completion and free tutorials. We are dedicated to giving you the best of courses with a focus on free education. We provide free online courses and coupons from different platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Eduonix, Udacity, edX, Edureka!, Skillshare…

I’m a French developer based near Paris.

Founded in 2021, Coursemetry is the result of a personal need to find course coupons. The automation was regularly improved and it then seemed logical to share all the coupons with the rest of the world.

Knowledge should be shared and accessible to everyone.

  • We only offer 100% discount coupon or free courses.
  • For each course, we indicate the duration of the discount coupon with a countdown timer and the number of coupons still available out of the 1000 coupons initially available.
  • A certificate that can be used worldwide is issued at the end of the course.
  • We cannot generate coupons on demand. For courses you might have missed, coupons are often updated regularly, so come back regularly or follow us on social networks to not miss anything.
  • You can submit a totally free coupon by using this link Submit a Coupon.

Today, the site is not profitable and it should at least cover the costs incurred for the site (domain name, hosting, backup …).

If each user donated just $1, the annual fee would be covered and the adventure could continue.

I count on your generosity so that the adventure continues and that we can still benefit from coupons in the future.

The site lives only on advertising and donations. No remuneration comes from the platforms (Udemy, Coursera…) or the authors.

So if you want to support our work and keep the server alive, please consider making a donation:

Thank you for your attention and have fun.

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