Academic Job Interviews

Academic Job Interviews

Academic Job Interviews

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Instructor(s): Luiz Valerio P. Trindade


You have spent several years of hard work, intensive study and research to earn your degree (e.g., Postgraduate, Masters’, PhD), however, there is still another important step, which comprises landing your dream job in academia.

Then, at this stage, you might realise that not necessarily your university has prepared you well enough to face this watershed moment in your career.

Therefore, the objective of this course is, while filling such a gap, to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to overcome this challenge and excel in your job interviews. You will learn topics such as, for example, the relevance of developing the skillsets to perform well in academic job interviews, how to prepare well for the interview, and several useful tips and suggestions to help you excel and jump off the page.

The academic job market is highly competitive and to find your spot under the sun requires not only a solid academic background, insightful publications and good networking. It also demands that you master an array of soft skills such as how to navigate in this environment.

Your curriculum plays the role to entice the potential employer’s interest in your profile. If everything goes well, the curriculum will contribute to creating the opportunity to sit before the employer. Then, from that moment onwards, it is up to you to show what you can deliver. So, this course is meant to help you do not miss this opportunity to create a good first (and long-lasting) impression.

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