Adobe Dimension and Illustrator Bundle course

Adobe Dimension and Illustrator Bundle course

Adobe Dimension and Illustrator Bundle course

Learn to master various Tools and Techniques for Creative Vector Graphics and 3D Modelling and Mockup Design

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Instructor(s): Harshit Srivastava

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to create 3D models and Mockups with Adobe Dimension.
  • You will also learn to apply various materials, graphics on the objects.
  • You will learn to create and control various types of light sources such as environment, 3 point, circular, and creating an external light source.
  • You will learn various tools and techniques in adobe illustrator
  • You will learn Shape builder tools, width tool, twirl tool, puppet warp, clipping, photo and opacity masks.



  • No prerequisites at all. But you need to be familiar with any kind of image editing, vector graphics or 3d modelling tool, it would be helpful.



This is a bundle course on Adobe Dimension and Adobe Illustrator. Here, you will be learning various tools and techniques with completely practical based lessons with real life examples. You could be a Student, Creative Artist, Graphics Designer, Product designer or anyone looking to advance your skills and start creating 3D modelling, Vector Graphics and Digital Art. Don’t worry if you just a beginner, you will be learning everything right from the scratch and will learn various advanced lessons as well.

You will learn the following with Adobe Dimension-

  • User Interface and various tools

  • Rendering modes

  • Adding background graphics and image

  • Creating and controlling various lights such as environment, directional, 3 point, etc.

  • Adding and modifying graphics on 3d object

  • Adding materials and color modification

  • Adding 3d text and controlling text properties

  • Navigation tools and Preference settings

  • Creating a light source and reflecting surfaces

  • Creating a product mockup- Hand Sanitizer

You will learn the following with Adobe Illustrator-

  • Creating and managing layers

  • Shape Builder tool

  • Width tool

  • Text distortion using width tool

  • Twirl tool

  • Puppet warp tool

  • Clipping mask

  • Photo mask

  • Opacity mask

This course is divided into multiple sections, where start sections would cover lessons on Adobe Dimension, followed by lessons on Adobe Illustrator. So, if you are interested in learning Illustrator first, feel free to skip the lessons on Dimension.

Keep Learning! Stay Creative!


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who is curious to learn creating 3D models and Mockup Design with Adobe Dimension.
  • Product Designers looking to create awesome 3D mockups and brand awareness
  • Graphic Designers looking to take their skills to the next level.
  • Hobbyist and Enthusiasts curious to learn Adobe Dimension, exploring various tools and options it provides for Creativity.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning Adobe Illustrator


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Course Introduction
  • Getting Started with Adobe Dimension
    • Dimension User Interface
    • Save and Render
    • Adding a background and light
  • Adding Graphics and images
    • More on setting Background
    • Adding Graphics to object
  • 3D Text
    • Adding and Controlling 3d text
  • Lights
    • Adding and controlling Lights
  • Navigation tools and Preference settings
    • Navigation tools and Preference settings
  • Creating Light Source with reflective surfaces
    • Creating a light source inside an object
    • Creating a custom 3d object- Flashlight
    • Using reflecting surfaces with light sources
  • Project- Creating a Mockup Hand Sanitizer
    • Hand Sanitizer Part-1
    • Creating Graphics for Hand Sanitizer Part-2
    • Setting Material and Light controls for Hand Sanitizer Part-3
  • Getting Started with Illustrator
    • Creating an artboard
    • Creating and managing layers
  • Shape builder tool in Illustrator
    • Draw clouds
    • Mechanical wheel gear
  • Shape editing tools
    • width tool basics
    • width tool- text
    • twirl tool
  • Puppet warp tool
    • puppet warp tool
  • Masking
    • clipping mask 1- cloud
    • opacity mask
    • Photo mask- wildlife


Adobe Dimension and Illustrator Bundle courseAdobe Dimension and Illustrator Bundle course


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