Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Develop Module

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Develop Module

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Develop Module

Professionally Retouch Photos using the Lightroom Develop Module. Perform Stunning Image Enhancements.

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What you’ll learn

  • The Foundations of the Lightroom Develop Module
  • Navigating the Develop Module
  • Working with the Collections Panel
  • Various View Options (Loupe, Compare)
  • Various Image Enhancement Tools and Techniques used by Professionals
  • Spot Removal, Clone Tool, Red Eye Reduction, Adjustment Brush, Tone Adjustments
  • HSL Adjustments, Spit Toning, Sharpening, Noise Removal, Vignetting, Dehazing
  • RAW White Balance and Calibration



  • Basic Computer Skills.
  • Episode # 1 – Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Library Module



This course offers a comprehensive guide for students interested in learning how to effectively use the Lightroom develop module to perform enhancements on individual photos or image collections. The course starts from the foundations, where we explore the Lightroom Classic CC interface, and setting up an image catalog. Here, students will learn to configure a catalog and a number of other application preferences, such as import file handling and metadata. From there, we dive into image file formats where students are introduced to a number of key terms relevant to both photography and image retouching. Students will learn the importance of file formats, color spaces, image resolution, pixel density, and the notorious RAW file. We also explore file handling options, interface preferences, identity plate setup and watermarking with both text and graphics.

Once students are familiar with accessing the various interface components to perform a multitude of image sorting and organization tasks, we dive into one of the most powerful features of Lightroom: The Develop Module. Here students will start with exploring the Develop module interface along with the preset, and history panel. From there we will visit the collections panel before exploring a number of view options such as Loupe View and Compare view, for the ultimate in versatility when performing professional image enhancements. Students will learn to copy and paste image adjustments across a number of different images, while exploring a variety of image enhancement tools such as exposure correction, cloning, spot removal, red eye reduction, graduated filters, and white balance correction. In addition to simple adjustments, we also demonstrate how to perform intermediate enhancements using retouching techniques that are used in studios. This includes Tone curve adjustments, noise reduction, split toning, image sharpening, lens corrections, artistic vignetting and dehazing.

As you can see this course covers a number of topics that are essential to anyone starting off in the digital image enhancement arena. It’s also a great resource for both professional and aspiring photographers that are looking to take their existing shots to the next level. If you’re as exciting as we are about this course, hit the enroll but and let’s get started.


Who this course is for

  • Students interested in performing image adjustments using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Students specifically interested in the Lightroom Classic CC Develop Module for Image Enhancements.


Course content

  • Lightroom Fundamentals
    • Folder Setup
    • Creating a Catalog
    • Catalog Settings
    • Intro to Preferences and Import Dialog
    • Import Dialog Continued
    • Import File Handling
    • Import File Renaming
    • Metadata Presets and File Destination
    • Import Dialogue Consolidated View
    • Preferences Import Options
  • File Formats and Color Space
    • Editing in External Applications
    • Intro to File Formats
    • Color Bit Depth
    • Camera to RAW File
    • RAW vs JPEG
    • RAW vs. DNG vs. TIFF
    • Color Spaces
    • Color Space Comparison
    • External Editing Continued
  • Basic Configuration
    • File Handling Options
    • Interface Preferences
    • Identity Plate Setup
    • Watermarking with Text
    • Watermarking with Graphics
  • The Develop Module
    • Intro to Develop Module
    • Develop Module Preset Panel
    • Creating Snapshots
    • History Panel
    • Collections Panel Revisited
    • Screen Modes and Lights Out
    • Loupe View Options
    • Copying and Pasting Adjustments
    • Compare View
    • Histogram and Exposure Correction
    • Crop Overlay Tool
    • Spot Removal Tool
    • Clone Tool
    • Clone Tool
    • Red Eye Reduction
    • Graduated Filter
    • Radial Filter
    • Adjustment Brush
    • Masking for Adjustments
    • White Balance Correction with Color Picker
    • Basic Adjustments Panel
    • Creating Adjustment Presets
    • Tone Curve Adjustments
    • HSL Adjustments
    • Split Toning
    • Introduction to Noise
    • Image Sharpening
    • Noise Removal
    • Lens Corrections
    • Transform Panel
    • Artistic Vignetting
    • Grain Effects and Dehazing
    • RAW White Balance and Calibration
    • Write to XMP


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Develop ModuleAdobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Develop Module

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