Affinity Photo: Portrait Retouching Essentials

Affinity Photo: Portrait Retouching Essentials

Affinity Photo: Portrait Retouching Essentials

This Affinity Photo Portrait Retouching Essentials course will teach you how to become a pro image retoucher and editor.

Language: english

Note: 4.7/5 (15 notes) 630 students

Instructor(s): Joseph Khalkho

Last update: 2021-08-28

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to retouch any portrait.
  • You will have practice images for master portrait retouching.
  • You will learn how to work with skin.
  • How to remove all the blemishes.
  • Eyes Retouching.
  • Hair Retouching.
  • You will also learn many retouching techniques.
  • such as Frequency Separation.
  • Dodge and Burn.
  • How to adjust colours.
  • You will learn to adjust contrast.
  • You will learn to adjust sharpness.
  • You will learn to use adjustment layers.
  • How to use layer mask.
  • How to change eye colour.
  • You will learn to change lips colour.
  • Removing blemishes without losing skin texture.
  • Work with Raw images.



  • Basic knowledge of Affinity Photo.


Affinity Photo: Portrait Retouching Essentials

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This course will teach you how to retouch photos in Affinity Photo. You will learn how to use Affinity Photo for professional photo retouching and master portrait retouching by the end of this course.

After learning photo retouching from this course you will also be able to take your own retouching projects and make money.

You do not need any previous knowledge of photo retouching or photo editing. You only need to have a very basic knowledge of Affinity Photo.

In this course, we will learn the process of removing all flaws from a photograph, which commonly entails color and tone correction, the removal of blemishes and under-eye circles, as well as changes to brightness, contrast, and saturation. Apart from that, we will learn many more things.

I have divided this course into different sections so that you can learn everything about photo retouching in Affinity Photo.

These sections are as following

  • How to Prepare Photo for Retouching

  • Face Reshaping

    Introduction to Liquifying Tool and reshaping the face

  • Removing Face Blemishes

    Healing with different tools

    Working with skin texture

  • Frequency Separation

  • Dodge and Burn

  • Hair Retouching

    Selecting Hair

    Using Frequency Separation on hair

    Hair Retouching

    Dodge and Burn on hair

  • Eye Retouching


    Changing Eye Color

    Dodge and Burn on eyes

  • Final Adjustments

    Adjusting Color

    Adjusting Contrast and Brightness


We will also learn to use Layers, Filters, Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, and other tools used for photo retouching in Affinity Photo.

Let’s start!


Affinity Photo: Portrait Retouching EssentialsAffinity Photo: Portrait Retouching Essentials

Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn portrait retouching in Affinity Photo.
  • New Photographers and Image Editors.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Portrait Retouching in Affinity Photo
  • Preparing the Photo for Retouching.
    • Preparation before starting the image retouching process in Affinity Photo
  • Face Reshaping
    • Face Reshaping
  • Blesmish Removal
    • How to Remove Blemishes in Photo Persona in Affinity Photo.
  • Frequency Separation
    • How to apply frequency separation in Affinity Photo
  • Dodge and Burn
    • How to use Dodge and Burn in Affinity Photo
  • Hair Retouching
    • How to retouch hair in Affinity Photo
  • Lips Retouching
    • How to retouch lips in Affinity Photo
  • Eyes Retouching
    • How to do eyes retouching in Affinity Photo
  • Final Adjustments
    • How to do the Final Adjustments like Colour, Contrast, Sharpness etc.



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