Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!

Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!

Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!

Learn How To Code A Trading Robot From Scratch In MQL5 Programming Language – Complete Course – Robot Included!

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Instructor(s): José Martínez Hernández

What you will learn

  • How to build a completely automated trading robot (expert advisor) that can trade in different markets (e.g. forex, indices, stocks, commodities)
  • How to program in the most popular language for trading in the financial markets (MQL5)
  • A well-known popular trading system
  • How to read and interpret the markets with algorithms
  • How to send, modify and close market orders
  • How to backtest and optimize trading robots in Metatrader 5



  • Only requirement: willingness to learn
  • Trading knowledge is not required
  • Programming experience is not required


Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!



In this course you will learn how to completely automate your trading using trading robots (expert advisors). We will develop an expert advisor from scratch that can trade on different financial markets, such as forex, indices, commodities, or equities.

  • In the first section we will review the Metatrader 5 platform and have a first look at the MQL5 language and programs.

  • Sections 2 to 5 focus on the MQL5 language fundamentals. During these sections we will cover all of the language basic features, providing you with many trading-related examples and assignments that will keep the content engaging while brief enough to speed you up to the most exciting part of the course, sections 6 to 12.

  • In section 6 we will introduce you to expert advisors and a well-known and popular trading system that worked in the past (remember, past performance is not indicative of future results).

  • In sections 7 to 11 we will apply all the knowledge acquired in previous lessons to develop a trading robot that automates a trading system and trades non-stop while the markets are open.

  • Finally, in section 12 we will backtest and deploy the trading robot in different markets to review that it applies the trading system correctly.

Now is the right time to learn algorithmic trading.

In today’s modern markets, the share of algorithmic trading in volume terms stands around 70-80 per cent, and there are several reasons for that:

  1. Algorithmic trading allows you to trade as many strategies or markets as your computing power provides, overcoming human limitations that conceal manual traders.

  2. Automating your strategies frees up time from repetitive screening of the markets that you can then allocate to research, leisure, or other activities. Furthermore, robots can trade 24/7 which mean they can trade any session, at any time and without rest, which is impossible to do for a single human.

  3. Emotionless and error-free. Algorithms read patterns and apply pre-established coded rules without experiencing fear or any other emotions, which means that robots do not commit mistakes, programmers do.

  4. Algorithmic trading will not only automate your trading, but also it is the first step to trade like a quant, which means that every decision you take will be backed by data and statistics that will be provided by your algorithms and this will increase your chances of success in the markets.

  5. Backtesting and optimization is much faster and comprehensive through algorithms than through manual means with spreadsheets, allowing the trader to know the performance of a strategy in the past and, again, increase their chances of success in the markets.

Are you passionate about trading?

Do you want to free-up time from monitoring screens?

Do you want to increase your chances of winning in the markets?

If the answer is “Yes”, and you are ready to put in the hard work, you are ready to start your algorithmic trading journey today!

This is a brand new course! We will apply highly discounted prices from its launch and for two months after that. However these will raise weekly, so do not miss the opportunity! Here is the price schedule:

  • 3/26 – 4/03: $19.99

  • 4/04 – 4/10: $24.99

  • 4/11 – 4/17: $29.99

  • 4/18 – 4/24: $39.99

  • 4/25 – 5/01: $49.99

  • 5/02 – 5/08: $59.99

  • 5/09 – 5/15: $69.99

  • 5/16 – 5/22: $89.99

  • 5/23 – 5/31: $109.99

In addition, this course is backed by Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy for any reason you will be refunded in full!

I am confident that you will find this is one of the best courses to learn algorithmic trading and it delivers sharing insights that you won’t find easily elsewhere.

I am excited to watch you take your first step in your algorithmic trading journey and I hope to see you inside!

The expert advisor will be provided to you at the end of the course.

– José Martínez


Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!Algorithmic Trading In MQL5: Automate & Free Up Your Time!


Who should attend

  • Traders of any experience that desire to free-up their time from monitoring the charts
  • Traders who want to improve their trading performance through quantitative automated trading
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to program in MQL5 and similar programming languages like C++, C# or java


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