Amazon Dropshipping || Your Path to Become Premium Seller

Amazon Dropshipping || Your Path to Become Premium Seller

Amazon Dropshipping || Your Path to Become Premium Seller

How to Admin Your Amazon Dropshipping Shop & Train Your Virtual Assistant | Sell on Amazon FBM & Make Money Online

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Instructor(s): Jason Martin

Last update: 2019-10-23

What you’ll learn

  • How to Make Money Online by Doing Dropshipping FBM on Amazon
  • How to Deal with Customer Service Dropshipping FBM at Amazon
  • How to Become a Premium Seller on Amazon
  • How to Train Your Virtual Assistant to Properly Manage Your Seller Store at Amazon
  • How to Take Care of Your Metrics and Your Seller Account On Amazon
  • How to Manage Your A-to-z Claims, Chargeback Claims and Negative Feedback
  • How to Manage Returns, Cancellations and Shipments Correctly Doing Dropshipping FBM on Amazon
  • How to Make Your Amazon Shop Survive Amazon Suspensions or Restrictions
  • How to Have the Appropriate Attitude and Determination to Become a Premium Seller



  • Have a Personal Computer with Internet Access and a Seller Account on Amazon



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In This Course, We Will Show You How To Offer An Optimal Customer Service When Doing Dropshipping FBM On Amazon, Something That Is Not As Simple As It May Sound … We Will Tell You How To Take Care Of Your Seller Metrics, How To Avoid Or Resolve Suspensions In Your Account, How To Process Your Orders Properly And How To Become A Premium Seller to be Making a Lot of Money Selling on Amazon During Many Years.

PLEASE NOTE, this course is for Amazon Dropshipping FBM, not for FBA sellers.

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With the information contained in this course, you can manage your Amazon Store and do Dropshipping for many years, earning a lot of money with it!

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Who this course is for

  • Those Who Want to Know How to Manage Customer Service in an Amazon Store (Doing Dropshipping FBM)
  • Those Whose Amazon Account Has Been Suspended and Need a Plan of Action to Restore Their Selling Privileges
  • Those Who Want To Train Their Virtual Assistant To Know How To Manage A Seller Store While Dropshipping On Amazon
  • Those Who Wish To Escape From Their Work From 9 To 5 And Start Working Independently
  • Those Who Want to Manage an Active Income
  • Those Who Wish To Work From Home To Spend More Time With Their Loved Ones
  • Those Who Want to Work Online While Traveling Around the World as Digital Nomads


Course content

  • Introducción
    • How The Information of this Course is Going to Help You Dropshipping on Amazon
    • The Most Important Things to Take Care of as an Amazon Dropshipping FBM Seller
    • WARNING! Actions that you MUST NOT make until you watch the correspondant class
  • Process Your Orders & Shipment Of Your Products
    • When and How to Add The Tracking Numbers of Your Orders
    • URTN: What if you DON’T have the Tracking Number and Today is Last Shipping Date
  • Customer Service
    • How To Respond to Buyer Messages in 24 Hours
    • The Only Correct Way to Properly Cancel an Order
    • OOS: Out of Stock Issues + Time Line on What to Do
    • DPURE: The Ways to Process Returns/Replacements
    • DPURE: A couple of Tips more about Returns
    • How to ask a Client to Remove a Negative Feedback
    • WUXX: How to Send a Feedback Request to Your Clients
  • How to Prevent and Deal With Chargeback/A-to-z Guarantee Claims
    • How to Avoid Getting A-to-Z Claims. How to Deal with Claims (TimeLine)
    • How to Appeal After an A-to-Z Claim Was Granted to the Client
  • Your Daily and Weekly To Do List
    • Your Daily and Weekly To Do List
  • Plan of Action to Prevent and Deal With Suspension of Your Account
    • Account Suspended because of High Order Defect Rate – Part 1
    • Account Suspended because of High Order Defect Rate – Part 2
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion


Amazon Dropshipping || Your Path to Become Premium SellerAmazon Dropshipping || Your Path to Become Premium Seller

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