Amazon fba Private Label Pro Video Series

Amazon fba Private Label Pro Video Series

Amazon fba Private Label Pro Video Series

10 plus Hours Course for how to earn from Amazon successfully (for Amazon seller and Amazon virtual assistant)

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (5 notes) 2,017 students

Instructor(s): Majid Jelani

Last update: 2022-04-08

What you’ll learn

  • How To start from a scratch and Sell Successfully On Amazon FBA or handle A2Z account of amazon sellers.
  • Product research: Finding winning product with and without tools. Winning products criteria.
  • Sourcing: Understanding of incoterms and selecting best supplier and Freight forwarder.
  • Budget calculation for product launch and getting full data of profit loss by understanding all expenses in and out of amazon.
  • Shipping Plans: Learn all scenarios of shipping plan in detail.
  • Listing guidelines: Understand amazon policies related to listing a product.
  • Keywords Science: Understanding amazon search engine SEO. and usage of tools for optimization.
  • Amazon Ads: Learning and understanding of Amazon PPC from basic to advance.



  • This course is not based on any prior skill or knowledge. We will start from basic to advance. learning full launch. don’t worry everything is in the course
  • Anyone who have internet connection and having a hunger of making himself/herself successful can join.



A complete guide for amazon seller and amazon virtual assistant.

2022 new arrival. The most up to date course with technics and strategies for 2022.

Wondering selling on Amazon fba. How about what to sell on Amazon. Or No investment. How I can earn as amazon virtual assistant.

No worries! Sit back and starting watching. This is the best step to step guide that you will start at Zero and end up as Hero.

This course is taught by Experienced Amazon Seller and CEO of Ecommerce Evolution Majid.
Majid’s Experience

  • 8 years of E-commerce experience

  • Selling on Amazon as a Private label brand owner

  • Made each of his catalogue product, the best seller on amazon

  • Has consulted for 7 and 8 figure brands

  • Educated 1000s of students about how to make money online and successfully made them earn their desired amounts.

  • Made 100s of them earn without investment as amazon virtual assistant.

The contents of this course are all based on my work experience.

Not only you can make money through selling products on amazon. If you have no investment what to do in this case? You still can make passive income. So don’t think any more. Let’s start LEarning.

At the end of Amazon course, you will know the pros and cons of Amazon FBA. Many professional insider strategies will also be revealed throughout the course. You will learn how to earn from amazon without investment by providing services as virtual assistant to amazon sellers and generate 1000s dollars passive income.

Know the secrets of how we earn 6 7 figures in our comfort zone working from home.

In this course, you will learn How to Sell or serve on Amazon from beginner level to advanced!

I have included each and every step in detail that you will need to know in amazon journey and also included fundamental frameworks, which are applicable across most ecommerce businesses.

A short overview of what course includes;

  • Introduction to amazon and its fundamentals

  • Buyer side understanding before starting product research

  • Element of product research and its jargons

  • Private Label Product research and validation with Helium 10

  • Criteria for winning products

  • Product Sourcing and logistics in detail (alibaba)

  • Two Excel calculators for budget (to get 3 cycle profit loss values before launching product) and CBM calculation.

  • All about shipping Plans

  • Listing introduction and guidelines

  • Keyword research and listing optimization

  • Launching ranking and Amazon ads

A detail but to the point course. No useless talks. I break down all the journey in to short topic in short videos, as I know students nature.




Who this course is for

  • Beginners and intermediates, sellers and service providers who want to start working on amazon.
  • People seeking additional streams of income!
  • People wishing to earn from home and generate passive income.
  • Those who want to become successful entrepreneurs or service provider working on amazon.


Course content

  • Introduction to amazon and its fundamentals
    • What is Ecommerce
    • Ecommerce business types B2B and B2C
    • Ecommerce Objectives and Features
    • Biggest market places and why amazon
    • FBA and FBM comparison
    • FBA pros and cons
    • FBM pros and con
    • What is 3pl
    • Types of business models on amazon
    • Introduction to private label and right mindset
    • Introduction to wholesale and comparison with PL
    • Introduction to drop shipping
    • Introduction to VA and its services
    • How to get Child account access
  • Buyer side understanding before starting product research
    • First most important step
    • Introduction to product research and buyer side understanding
    • Understanding of product search page
    • Understanding of product detail page
  • Element of product research and its jargons
    • Elements of product research
    • Product hunting jargons overview
    • why we analyze top 10 sellers most of the time
    • why we sort and unsort different aspects
    • why we analyze search volume
    • why we check revenue while product evaluation
    • Why we analyze product price
    • why to check competing products while hunting
    • Why we check reviews and its importance
    • Why amazon shouldn’t be a dominant seller
    • Why we check brand domination and its indicators
    • Google trend importance
    • Why to check seasonality and weight
    • importance of rating and risk of ignoring it
    • what is the reason for ignoring product with many variations
    • Importance of checking seller type and product size tier
    • difference between search term and keyword
    • Reason of reviews as a social proof
    • Criteria for UK and USA
    • List of products you need to avoid
    • Avoid gated categories
    • Value addition concept and where to get ideas
  • Product research and validation with Helium 10
    • Tools used for hunting and its types(web n ext) and installation of extension
    • Get Product Ideas And Use Of Black Box In Detail
    • Product Validating With Xray Tool And Matching Criteria In Detail, Finding A Win
    • Getting Product Ideas From Magnet
    • What Is Competitor Analysis And Its Two Types
    • (Market Segmentation)After Selecting Specific Niche, Selection Of One Competitor
    • Selection Of Variation In Your Competitor Listing With Review Insight
    • What Is Patent And Why To Check It Before Sourcing Product
  • Sourcing and logistics (Alibaba)
    • Introduction To Alibaba And Shortlisting Supplier
    • Evaluating Of Supplier And Tip For Evaluating
    • Tips For Selecting Supplier
    • How To Find Manufacturer And Search Suppliers
    • What Is Trade Assurance
    • What Is Moq
    • What Is Rfq
    • How To Search Freight Forwarders On Alibaba And Pro Tips
    • Understanding Of Amazon Fees
    • Fba Fees Through Fba Revenue Calculator
    • Budget calculation(the most important)
    • Sample Evaluation And Consolidation
    • Negotiation With Supplier And Trade Terms
    • 14 questions to ask supplier
    • Incoterms And Some Important Tips For Logistics
    • Inspection Topic In Detail
    • Who Is Supplier And Why We Should Chose Care Fully
    • CBM explained
  • All about shipping Plans
    • Time To Make Shipping Plan And Important Point
    • Difference Between Sku And Fba Labels
    • Important Information Need To Be Noted While Shipping Plan
    • What Is Shipping Plan
    • shipping plan with case pack
    • shipping plan with individual selection
    • shipping plan with case and individual both
    • How To Cancel Shipment
    • errors and warnings in shipping plan
    • Extra knowledge about shipping plan
    • Amazon Account Suspension Caused By Shipping Plan
  • Listing introduction and guidelines
    • Introduction to listing
    • What we need to create listing
    • Amazon title guideline
    • Bullet points guidelines
    • description guideline
    • Images related guideline
    • Images recommendation
    • Backend search term detail discussion
    • where to update existing ASIN attributes
    • UPC and EAN
  • Keyword research and listing optimization
    • Canonical URL
    • Important points about Listing creation
    • Keyword research with cerebro
    • Usage of Frenkenstien and most frequent keywords
    • usage of magnet for keyword research
    • sorting of keywords according to relevancy with formula
    • Scribble Usage And Crafting From A Scratch And Some Points You Need To Take Care
    • Listing creation on amazon and most important steps
    • finding category tree of competitor easy method
  • Amazon ads
    • Advertising console overview
    • Retail readiness before PPC
    • Introduction to amazon Ads
    • Types of amazon Ads
    • discussion on amazon sponsored product ads
    • Why we use amazon ads
    • How does amazon PPC works
    • PPC terminologies
    • keyword Targeting and its match types in manual campaign
    • 4 types of targeting in auto campaign
    • Indexing explained
    • Amazon badges
    • Campaign live creation
    • Honey moon period and how to secure it
    • what is BSR
    • Bonus


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