Amped Studio – Making professional music videocourse

Amped Studio - Making professional music videocourse

Amped Studio – Making professional music videocourse

Learn professional music techniques in 2 days. Everything you need is a computer and internet.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Bil Bryant



In this video course, you will learn how to create professional tracks in no time using only your computer and browser.

Web studio Amped Studio was created specifically for people who want to master professional production without special education.

The course is maximally focused on beginners, but at the same time, professionals will learn something new and interesting for themselves. When developing Amped Studio, we aimed to make the music creation process accessible to everyone.

The course will analyze in detail the process of creating a component of a musical composition, so that after its completion, you can immediately start creating your own hit.

Even if you’ve never used sequencers, no problem. The course includes a block with the analysis of the application interface. The visual part is made as simple and intuitive as possible.

Regardless of your skills and experience, this method has greatly expanded your horizons in the field of music production, raised your level of quality as a producer and will help you master additional skills in arranging, skills and mastering, many of which you lacked before.

The course schedule is as follows:

1. Introduction;

2. Turn your voice into a synthesizer or even some drums with the help of Amped Studio;

3. Creation of grooves and morphing of drum loops using XYBeatZ;

4. Collaboration on music production in Amped Studio;

5. How to compose basic chords – Part 1;

6. How to compose basic chords – Part 2;

7. How to use VST plugins inside Amped Studio;

8. Unique virtual synthesizers Amped Studio;

9. How to use automation in Amped Studio;

10. Review and tutorial Europa Virtual Synth;

11. How to compose beats with Drumpler;

12. How to use Granny – Amped Studio’s granular synthesizer;

13. How to make the future bass from scratch – Part 1 – Creating chords;

14. How to make future bass from scratch – Part 2 – How the parts fit together;

15. How to use Amped Studio offline;

16. Amp Studio Shorts Flanger;

17. Create a House Shuffle Beat.

Amped Studio chapter basics:

1. Share the project tutorial;

2. Tutorial for XYBeatZ;

3. Tutorial for Preset Explorer;

4. Detecting Hum _ Beatz Note in Amped Studio;

5. Sound library;

6. Virtual keyboard;

7. Arrangement and addition of regions;

8. Tracks and track panels;

9. Enhanced Minute – Episode 1;

10. Enhanced Minute – Episode 2;

11. Regions in Amped Studio.

Amped Studio - Making professional music videocourse



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