Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)

Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)

Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)

Learn everything that you need to know to develop Android applications for fun and profit.

Language: english

Note: 4.5/5 (2,238 notes) 152,234 students

Instructor(s): Ragunath Jawahar

Last update: 2016-06-21

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to develop and distribute Android apps



  • Desire to learn
  • Basic Java skills
  • A PC / Mac / Linux Box that can run Java, Eclipse and Android SDK




There goes a chinese proverb – “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.”

The highest degree of learning takes place with your involvement. And this course is designed to do exactly that. This course introduces you to the basics of Android development. You will need some Java fundamentals to get started. If you are not sure about the difference between an abstract class and an interface you might have to refresh your Java concepts before proceeding.

Also, if you are new to Java I recommend John Purcell’s Java Course, in order to acquire the minimal Java programming skills required to step into Android development.

I’ve also got you some companion code which you can download from the appropriate lectures. You’ll be working on the source code along with me, so that you could get a good grasp on the concepts you will eventually be introduced to. At the end of this course you’ll be able to write and deploy AWESOME!! apps to Google Play.

How is this course designed?

  • Comprehensive – Contains lessons and exercises that enable you to develop real-world Android applications.
  • Simple & Sequential – To keep complexity at bay, the course introduces you to independent concepts initially and then reveals more of the complex stuff.
  • Focused towards Results – This is the same course that we use internally at our mobile app startup, to train new talents.
  • Hands-on Sessions I guide you through sessions building apps and writing code snippets clearly explaining every line of code.
  • Drills Easy-to-moderate beginner level exercises in which you get the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt and verify the same.
  • Elaborate Videos Learn Android concepts in a thorough manner, I’ve made sure that all WHYs and HOWs you need to know are covered.

Since this course is for beginners, I highly recommend you to take this course sequentially. You can pick on random videos, but remember – the complexity increases down the road so it is imperative that you take them one by one.

What makes me qualified?

  • Started out as an indie Android developer in 2009 and have programmed for Android since the Cupcake days (Android 1.5).
  • Developed more than 100 Android apps till date, including games and other apps that use the Android NDK.
  • Contributed open-source libraries for Android that improve developer productivity, notable ones are Android Saripaar, Simple Section Adapter, and Instant Adapter.
  • Bootstrapped a startup and currently have 9 developers working on Android and iOS.
  • Training people since 2005 đŸ˜‰

What are you waiting for? Gear up and lets have some fun!!


Who this course is for

  • Anyone with basic Java skills


Course content

  • Gearing Up
    • Course Introduction
    • Updated for Android Studio: Getting all you need
    • (Skip for Android Studio) Reorganizing Eclipse in 2-Minutes
    • Getting a brand new device – VIRTUALLY
    • 2 More reasons to use Chrome
    • Setting up the PATH (Windows)
    • Setting up the PATH (Mac & Ubuntu)
    • Verifying your PATH
    • Genymotion – A Faster Emulator*
  • Traffic Lights and Event Listeners
    • Objectives
    • Traffic Lights Kickstart
    • Traffic Lights, turning them ON and OFF
    • Drill – Traffic Lights
    • Introducing Views
    • Drill – Simple Interest Calculator
    • Logging in Android
    • Using the Devices View in Eclipse
    • Troubleshooting – Gosh… My ADB is dead!
    • Device Deployment Groundwork
    • Deploying to a Device
    • Skills Checklist
  • NEW: Working with Android Studio
    • NEW: Creating a New Android Project
    • NEW: Project Structure Explained
  • Working with Eclipse ADT / ADT Bundle
    • Creating a New Android Project
    • Getting a grasp on the Project Folders
  • Resources at your disposal
    • Hallo, Salve, Bonjour with Strings
    • Formatted String Resources
    • French fluency in your App
    • String Resources – FAQs
    • What’s a Context?
    • Red, Blue, Green and Color
    • Bitmap Drawables
    • Is that a flooring? – Using Tiled Bitmaps
    • Built-in Resources
  • Eye Candy
    • TextView, Custom Fonts and HTML
    • Using links with TextView
    • A chat with ImageView
    • Compound Drawables to the Rescue
    • Putting things ‘Linear’ly in a ‘Layout’
    • RelativeLayout – ‘Grand Master’ of all Layouts
    • Organizing Views in TableLayout
    • Scrolling UIs larger than Screen
    • Nested Layouts
    • CheckBoxes to keep your options open
    • RadioButtons – Pick one, just one
    • Building your UI with XML
    • Width & Height Attributes
    • Using the Android SDK Reference
  • Sugar for your Eye Candy
    • Real Estate around your Views
    • Customizing Widgets with State Drawables
    • ‘Fancy’ Favorite Button
    • ImageButton and Backgrounds
    • Myth Busted: Glossy Buttons and 9 Patches
    • The Updated 9 Patch Tool*
    • Presenting your data in a ListView
    • Transitioning to the ListActivity
    • Beautify your List #2 – Get it Working
    • Beautify your List #3 – Right way to do it
    • Bring up that Context Menu
    • Adding Functionality to the Context Menu Items
    • ListView Updates
    • Use a GridView, if you need a Grid
  • Alerting Users
    • Let’s raise a Toast
    • Showing Dialogs
    • ‘Stubborn’ Modal Dialogs
    • List Dialog in Action
    • Vibrating your Phone
  • Get me some popcorn, please
    • Opening a Webpage
    • Making Phone Calls
    • How to send a SMS?
    • Sending Emails
    • How to check if an Intent is supported?
    • Starting Activities
    • Passing additional information as Extras
  • Preferring Ice Tea to Cold Coffee
    • Writing and Reading Preferences
  • Conclusion
    • What next?


Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)


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