Arabic Language Course | Learn Arabic language with Mina

Arabic Language Course | Learn Arabic language with Mina

Arabic Language Course | Learn Arabic language with Mina

Learn the Arabic language from scratch by fun and interactive methods, step by step beside practicing with the teacher

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (21 notes) 2,173 students

Instructor(s): Mina Ashraf

Last update: 2022-07-26

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to Greet others, introducing yourself, ordering food etc.
  • You will learn the verbs, past tense, present tense, expressing ownership, basics grammar rules etc.
  • You will have an excellent Arabian accent and you will master the native sounds easily.
  • You will able to read and to write Arabic perfectly.
  • You will learn vocabularies topics such as numbers, days of the week, adjectives, Family members, genders of words etc.
  • You will be able to ask questions like How / Why / When / How much / What etc.
  • You will be able to describe people and things using the adjectives in Arabic
  • You will learn 1000+ day to day words in Arabic
  • You will learn the articles in Arabic language
  • You will be able to build long correct sentences easily.
  • You will learn basic daily expressions are used in different situations such as “please /thanks / I want etc.
  • Start Speaking Arabic from Your Very First Lesson
  • You will practice reading and listening through short stories in Arabic.
  • You will have the opportunities to practice with the teacher what you will learn step by step.



  • we start from scratch 🙂
  • No previous experience required



‘Marhaba’  Asslamu alaikum   Welcome! Finally You are now in the right place to start your Arabic language studying 🙂
This course will take you from zero point to be able to speak Arabic, to write and to read perfectly too
with building strong foundation of the Arabic language grammar and conversation

Recent reviews:

Mariapia P.

Very clear explanation. We can practice a lot.

Alexandra Y.
Very interactive and fun. Teacher explain by simple clear way، The worksheets very helpful for personal practice, I Highly recommend it!!

Derek Heaney

Absolutely clear and precise.

Cant wait till tomorrow for the next step…..(Homework tonight) Great work!!!!!

Neven M.

Great job .This course is very professional, useful and well organized, This course is highly recommended

*Welcome to learn Arabic with Mina 🙂
My name is Mina I am full time Arabic teacher in Egypt, teaching Arabic language is my greatest passion 🙂

-In this course the students will be able to master  the Arabic language in a short time by learning with a fun techniques that made by a professional teacher who have been teaching the language for over 7 years to different students from all over the world online and in classrooms as well.

-In the end of this course you will be able to read, write, listen and speak  Arabic perfectly and confidently and beside covering all the basics of the language, also you will be able to make conversations in daily life situations and understanding the grammar of the language by fun, easy, and simplified methods through lectures which were developed and honed over hundreds of hours with dozens of students which can meet all kinds of learning styles

*** Why you should take this course 11 reasons? ***

1- It made by a professional teacher with 7years of experience of teaching language. 
2- Its very interactive and fun.
3- The teacher practice with you in the lecture.
4- It is presented in different ways between PowerPoint slides, Teacher talking and Writing on boards.
5- Worksheets for the lessons so you can practice alone.
6- The teacher gives homework plans and studying plans help you to study effectively and to see great results in a short time.
7- Meeting different styles of learners.

8- money back guarantee in 30 days, means if you don’t find any promises that i mentioned in the course you can get your money back without no questions asked.

9-the course will be updated with new lessons.

10- The teacher will be available for you to answer all your questions about the course any time just send message.

11- The teacher putting all his tips and easy methods to help you to reach your goal simply because he have been teaching the topics of this course hundreds of times, so he knows what the challenges you will have in the language  and he help you to overcome on all of them.

-At the end of this course will be able to:

* to Read and to write the Arabic perfectly:

 -You will able to write, to read and to pronounce  perfectly the Arabic Alphabet.
– You will able to have a great Arabian accent and you will master the native sounds.
– you will able to practice reading and writing with the teacher and learn new words.
– you will read a short stories in Arabic with the teacher.

– you will be able to read and to write comfortably and confidently long sentences in Arabic.

* to  Make  conversations in  daily situations comfortably  :

– Greetings people.
– Introducing yourself.
– Day to day expressions in the Arabic language

– Where are you from?  countries and nationalities.
– What is this? this is… ( the Gender of the words )
– Buying and ordering food, fruits and vegetables.
-Numbers and telling your telephone number.
-Days of the week.

-Month of the year.
-Family members and talking about your family.
– Beside new lessons will be upload.

* to Learn Arabic grammars rules

– Basics grammar rules.
– Pronouns in Arabic.
– Adjectives and how to describe things.
– Adjectives for people.
– Possessives nouns and expressing ownership.
– The question words and how to make questions in Arabic.
– Basics verbs you need to know.

– The past tense.
– The present tense.
– Beside new lessons will be upload.

Attention! NEW UPDATES!! 🙂
-We will upload new lessons every 2 weeks  to the course.
-the lessons are made by fun and animated way to have fun studying Arabic grammar and vocabularies
as I say always the students deserve the best of the best


Who this course is for

  • Students who want to be able to read and write Arabic.
  • Students who want study Arabic grammar, verb and vocabularies topics by simple and fun way.
  • Students want to be able to speak and to make conversations in daily life situations.
  • Students want to improve their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.
  • Students who love to practice what they have learned with their teacher through worksheets and studying plans.
  • Students want to have a clear image about the Arabic grammar.
  • This course is made for students who have no previous knowledge of Arabic and the students who done some Arabic in the past but need to review on those basic skills again before studying Arabic grammar.
  • Students have different style of learnings and want to learn by fun and interactive way.
  • Students want to get ready to read and to understand “Quran”
  • Students want to be able to read books and news in Arabic.
  • Students want to able to communicate with Arabs people.
  • Students will travel soon to an Arab country soon


Course content

  • ‘Introduction’ meet your teacher 🙂
    • Meet your teacher ‘Welcome to learn Arabic with Mina’
    • What you will learn in this course 🙂
  • Basics expressions in Arabic
    • Greetings in Arabic
    • Introducing yourself in Arabic
    • How are you ?
    • How to say goodbye in Arabic
    • How to “Thank” someone in Arabic in different ways
    • How to say “please” with useful examples
  • The Arabic letters, phonetics and vowels
    • The Arabic letters
    • The sounds of the letters beside helpful tips
    • The vowels in the Arabic language
    • Dumma, fatha and kasra
    • Exercising on Dumma / Fatha / Kasra
    • Practicing reading words with vowels
  • The writing
    • Introduction about the writing the alphabets
    • The first group of writing ( ب ت ث ن ي )
    • Exercising on the first group of writing with learning new words
    • the second group of writing part 1 ( ج ح خ س ش ص ض )
    • Exercising on part 1 (ج ح خ س ش ص ض )
    • The second group part 2 ( ط ظ ع غ ف ق ل م)
    • Exercising on the second group part 2 ( ط ظ ع غ ف ق ل م )
    • The third group (ا د ذ ر ز و لا )
    • Exercising on The third group (ا د ذ ر ز و لا )
    • The 4th group ( ك ه ة ء)
    • Exercising on the 4th group (ك ه ة ء)
    • The articles in Arabic language
  • Conversations and vocabularies lessons
    • The numbers from 1 to 19 + asking about telephone number
    • The numbers from 10 -100
    • What is this ? this is ….. ( the genders of the words feminine and masculine )
    • Days of the week and time expressions
    • Month of the year
    • The vegetables + expression for buying + conversation
    • The fruits
    • The Family members and talking about our family
  • Grammar lessons
    • The pronouns in Arabic
    • Practicing on the pronouns + sentences
    • Where are you from ?/ learn to make adjective from nouns
    • Adjectives for things
    • Adjectives for people
    • The Question words ( How/When/What/How much/Why ….. )
    • The possessives nouns ‘expressing ownership’
    • Important verbs part 1
    • Important verbs part 2
    • The present tense
    • The past tense
  • Practice reading / Short stories
    • Story 1
    • Story 2
    • Story 3
    • Story 4


Arabic Language Course | Learn Arabic language with MinaArabic Language Course | Learn Arabic language with Mina

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