Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)

Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)

Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)

Learn the most amazing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Music Creation Tools

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Instructor(s): Srinidhi Ranganathan

Last update: 2022-10-08

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to compose new music with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tools in 2022.
  • Be able to remix their own created music with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tools
  • Learn to find creative-commons music online for commercial use
  • Learn to find ambient backgrounds and atmospheric music sounds for any creative projects
  • Know how to make music videos with automated Artificial Intelligence technology
  • Discover how to create and generate album art for your music tracks in minutes



  • No music knowledge needed at all. Using Artificial Intelligence tools taught in the course will make you a star music composer and remixer in 2022.
  • A few cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) music tools are taught in the course. Some may be free. Some may be paid. You can leverage whichever one you need according to your requirement.



Welcome to experience Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)”.

Giant Tech firms have developed AI software that can compose music on its own. So, the machines will be composing soundtracks using Artificial Intelligence. 

This game-changing course focuses on “Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)” introduces you to new-age technologies in Artificial Intelligence music creation to help you become a music star in no time with the power of automagical music-making tools.

Why learn this music course and how is this a differentiator for music creators in 2022?

This course can change your life if you are a music composer. Because, we will tell you the most popular Artificial Intelligence Music Creation tools that can help you compose music tracks without you – having any music knowledge whatsoever.

We will also detail the latest discovery tools in Music Mashups and also we will go through the complete tutorial of Adobe Amper and Jukedeck – great AI music assistants.

Whatโ€™s more? 

Welcome to the future as you will be able to know the chords behind every song and just hum to create music like popular artists. I meant – You can just hum to create songs in the style of the great artists.

The question is “Are you ready to get into action and embrace the power to leverage artificial intelligence in music creation in 2022?โ€. 

If yes, plunge into action right away by signing up NOW. 

There’s no time to waste. A mind-blowing experience is in store for you at this moment.


Who this course is for

  • This course is a must for professionals who are in the music industry who want to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for music composition
  • This course is for anyone who is passionate about learning music and looking to create the same with Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • This course is for anyone who is looking to upload unique and new music created with artificial intelligence technology on video platforms like YouTube for earnings


Course content

  • Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition) – The Course
    • Mastering Jukedeck to create AI Music
    • Get access to 1000’s of licensed music tracks
    • A new kind of AI Indian and Western Music Composing Tool
    • Adobe Amper: Complete Tutorial on Creating AI Music
    • YouTube Secrets to find more music
    • Create Emotional Music with Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Music Creation Tools 2022: More New Amazing AI Tools
    • Create music extremely fast with AI and sell it
    • Mashup like a pro: Create state-of-the-art music mashups with AI technology
    • Chords and Music with focus on Automated Mastering
    • Hum and Create Music with Artificial Intelligence Technology
    • Create Music Videos with Artificial Intelligence Technology in 2022
  • Bonus and Incredible Tools 2022: In AI Music Creation
    • Atmospheric Effects Creator for your Creative Projects.
    • World’s first online unique music composer, Recap and Closing thoughts
    • Special Video: Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Music Industry
    • Bonus Lesson


Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2022 New Edition)

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