Attuning to the Moon’s Cycles

Attuning to the Moon's Cycles

Attuning to the Moon’s Cycles

Balancing yourself with the moon

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Instructor(s): Jenny Bell



In this free course you will receive a basic understanding of each of the moon’s cycles and how to work within the cycles for spiritual balance and happiness.  Working with the cycles of the moon is ancient. Many of our ancestors used the moon to guide their lives. They observed the cycles to know when to plant certain crops, when to travel, when to hold certain ceremonies and much more.

You will receive:

  • A helpful booklet

  • Moon meditations

  • An understanding of how to work with the moon as our ancestors did

  • How to work with the Divine Feminine triple goddess

When you decide to consciously honor and observe the cycles of the moon you can step into your own power and also honor your own wisdom. We once lived in societies of balance. We had the balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine. But societies cast the divine feminine wisdom aside in favor of the sun, masculinity and knowledge. We need both knowledge and wisdom in balance. Working with and honoring the moon will help you restore the feminine wisdom inside of your being, This wisdom will restore balance. 

We all have masculine and feminine energy inside of us. It does not matter the gender you identify with, you have both energies. This course will help you connect to the Divine Feminine within you by honoring our most ancient symbol of femininity (the moon). The new or dark moon is represented by the dark and mysterious woman, the waxing moon is the maiden or warrior, the full moon is the mother and the waxing moon is the crone or wise one.


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