Automated YouTube Channel (No Filming, No Editing) +Monetize

Automated YouTube Channel (No Filming, No Editing) +Monetize

Automated YouTube Channel (No Filming, No Editing) +Monetize

A Step-By-Step Guide to Having a YouTube Channel as Your Business. No filming or Editing by You, We’ll Show You How

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Instructor(s): Dan Britain

Last update: 2022-12-08

What you’ll learn

  • How To Create a YouTube Channel
  • How To Grow a YouTube Channel
  • How To Work Out Earnings for YouTube
  • How to Find Editors for YouTube
  • How to Find People To Make Your YouTube Videos
  • Create a Profit & Loss Sheet & Projections for YouTube
  • Work Out YouTube Earnings
  • Work Out What to Make a Channel About
  • How to Make a Channel Not Showing Your face
  • How to Make a YouTube Channel without Filming Anything
  • How to Find Stock Footage and Other Video for YouTube
  • How to Find Free Music for YouTube



  • Beginner, no prior knowledge needed. All will be explained from how YouTube works, how to create a channel, find video editors, videos to us, music, upload… it’s all here



You can run a YouTube channel like a business (a channel can be your online business!).

Many successful channels earning from YouTube AdRevenue do not film or edit their own content (I’ll show you examples).

Instead they treat their YouTube channel as a business outsourcing the video creation, editing, thumbnails and then they upload the content and monitor analytics to make the channel grow and earn.

Here I’ll show you how to set up a channel like this, how to find freelance staff to edit for you, how to find copyright free music and video and to work out how much you could make and so when you’ll breakeven and be in profit.

Just like any business, a YouTube channel is now a great and viable way to start a side-income or open multiple channels in the same way and have a portfolio of earning channels.

Just like if you were looking to start a business, a traditional business, a product, a bricks-and-mortar store, you would first research, see your competitors, find staff, release products and track their success and make adjustments… that is exactly what you can you in youtube. You can have a channel earning and start other channels in different niches all without editing or filming a thing; instead you manage the business, have staff… it’s such an exciting concept and one huge channels are doing today!


Who this course is for

  • Beginner YouTube Creators


Course content

  • Introduction
    • How Can You Make YouTube Your Business with NO Filming or Editing?
    • What’s in the Course Step-by-step
    • How You Make Money With YouTube (How it Works)
    • How Much Money You Can Make on YouTube (Different Countries, Different Earnings)
    • Thing To Consider When Choosing What to Make Your Channel About
    • How to Work Out & Decide What to Make Your Channel About
    • YouTube’s Algorithm Explained & How You Grow Your Channel
  • Step-By-Step Setting Up Your YouTube Business
    • Step 1: Decide on Your Niche and Research (Most Important)
    • Step 2: Get Your Channels First 30 Videos Ideas Ready for Editors
    • Step 3: Get Your Thumbnails made Cheap (Where, Who and How Explained)
    • Step 4: Create Your YouTube Channel (Step-by-Step)
    • Step 5: Get Your Channel Art and Branding Created for You
    • Step 6: Get Your Script Written for You (or See if You Don’t Need This Step)
    • Step 7: How to Get Stock Footage or Download Video Footage for Free
    • Step 8: Get a Voiceover for Your Videos (Free and Paid)
    • Step 9: Get Music & Sound Effects (Free and Paid)
    • Step: 10: Test 3 Editors for Your First 3 Videos (Where to Find Them)
    • Step 11: Decide on an Editor and Negotiate a Deal (and what to send them)
    • Step 12: Make This Production Schedule to Plan Everything & Grow Faster
    • Step 13: Your YouTube Business Plan Spread sheet – Profit & Loss Sheet/Record
    • 10 Channel Types that Require No Filming (or Show Your Face)
  • Uploading Your YouTube Videos Step-By-Step
    • Step 1: Uploading Your Video
    • Step 2: Adding a Title That Works & Gets You Found
    • Step 3: Your Description, hashtags, links & more
    • Step 4: Tags – How to Use Them and How Much Do They Matter?
    • Step 5: Monetization Setup
    • Step 6: Video Elements, EndScreen, Cards & Subtitles
    • Step 7: Schedule Your Video Release (When and How)
  • To Make Sure Your Channel Grows You Need To…
    • What to Look for in Analytics to Grow
    • Making Money Outside of AdRevenue
    • Now Keep Your Business Growing & Goodbye


Automated YouTube Channel (No Filming, No Editing) +Monetize

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