Automation manager’s secret weapons: Automate like a Pro!

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Automation manager's secret weapons: Automate like a Pro!

Automation manager’s secret weapons: Automate like a Pro!

How to shine by running your projects faster, professional and maximise the benefits your responsible for delivering

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STAND OUT from the crowd of others in the automation space and improve your Automation game – speed up your progress towards become Head of Automation or Programme Manager but learning how to accelerate your projects and programmes and how to deliver higher value to your business

  • Download our free copy of the book: “Business @ the Speed of Bots How to implement automation at scale” (foreword written by ex-exec of UiPath Guy Kirkwood)

  • Download 9 tools and materials for you and your team to start using (Business case, PDD templates, automation slides etc)

The events of COVID have accelerated certain trends and magnified their importance – the connectivity of internet of things, the efficiency and cost reduction of process automation, and the power of artificial intelligence to process big data to give it structure and meaning. These are all the key buzz words which have been used more and more in recent years, but now more than ever we need to embrace these technologies, and empower existing staff so we can take them along our digital transformation journeys

When I wrote in my 2019 book Business @ the Speed of Bots “Business is going to change more in the next five years than it has in the last twenty” I didn’t at that point realise how right I was.

We don’t just provide training, we provide solutions to the underlying need that made you click on this course

SUCCESSFUL AUTOMATION / RPA(ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION)/ AI ROLLOUT IS HARD… Let’s help you overcome common challenges and pitfalls

If your new to automation or been in it for a couple years, turn yourself and your team into Automation experts, instantly,

Our AEIO YOU® methodology (and complete toolkit), is a straightforward framework to enable RPA/AI automation Centre of Excellence teams to roll out automation at scale by providing; a scientific method to create a data-backed plan, a standardised logical approach and a repeatable implementation process to encourage consistency, scalability and control – ll built into an automation accelerator

To introduce myself, I’m Tony Walker founder of LeanIA. Our company is working on software for simplifying automation delivery/scalability for automation analysts and program managers and have 100 spaces for a 60-day free trial.

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Automation manager's secret weapons: Automate like a Pro!


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