AWS Cloud Interview Questions for Cloud Support Engineer Job

AWS Cloud Interview Questions for Cloud Support Engineer Job

AWS Cloud Interview Questions for Cloud Support Engineer Job

Prepare yourself for better Cloud Support Job

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Instructor(s): Ashish Barot

Last update: 2022-04-04

What you’ll learn

  • Live scenario of AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Step by step guidelines for troubleshooting
  • How to reply in interview with accurate technical terms?
  • How to reply Accurate, Short, Clear answers



  • Linux Operating System fundamental knowledge
  • AWS Cloud fundamental knowledge



Having knowledge is one part and appearing in the interview and clearing it, is another part.

By this video course I can guide anyone who is in IT field or even anyone who is Non-IT Professionals to clear Interview. Condition is that, the person should have willingness to start new career in IT Industry with Linux OS, AWS Cloud and DevOps tools and technologies.

Prepare yourself to crack the Job interview for job role as AWS Cloud Support Engineer, Cloud Support Engineer, Junior DevOps Engineer etc

IT Topics covered in this course:

1. Linux Operating System fundamentals

2. How to monitor and troubleshoot on live linux servers?

3. AWS Cloud Fundamental Interview questions

4. AWS Core Services – AWS Global Infrastructure, IAM, IAM Policy and Roles, Security fundamentals, EC2, EBS, AMI, Application Load Balancer, Security Groups, VPC, Internet Gateway, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Simple Storage Service, S3, versioning with S3, various Storage Classes in S3, S3 Bucket Policy, RDS, Elastic BeanStalk, Amazon Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, AWS Pricing Calculator,

5. Basic Networking fundamentals for better troubleshooting by using curl, dig, nc, nslookup, ps commands

6. How to troubleshoot live AWS Cloud Infrastructure, which is running with various services.

7. How to do monitoring live Cloud infrastructure?

Also in this course you will learn:

Where to focus in Job Interview of AWS Cloud Support engineer?

How to reply appropriate answers with all required technical terms?

How to present our self with better preparation?

So subscribe this course and crack the interview for your better IT career


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who is interested in getting job as Cloud Support Engineer


Course content

  • Few Sample Questions
    • Introduction
    • Linux scenario
    • Linux most popular commands – 01
  • Linux lsof command
    • How to monitor Live Linux Server?
    • Linux lsof command
    • Linux CLI


AWS Cloud Interview Questions for Cloud Support Engineer JobAWS Cloud Interview Questions for Cloud Support Engineer Job


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