AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

AZ-500 practice tests constantly updated with the latest exam references. Find out if you are prepared for the exam.

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What you’ll learn

  • This AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies hands-on course is for anyone looking for a study reference that provides practice tests for the AZ-500.
  • We have prepared the questions so that you feel safe when taking the official exam.
  • Practice tests with references and explanations help you reach your goal.
  • At the end of each practice Tests you will have a graph with your score.



  • This is a practice test where people with AZ-500 skills can test their knowledge before taking the official exam.
  • Students must have at least one year of hands-on experience protecting Azure workloads and experience with security controls for Azure workloads.
  • Before participating in this practice tests, it is highly recommended that students acquire knowledge equivalent to what is assessed as part of the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification.



Validate your skills with Azure AZ-500 Practice Tests and become a Microsoft Azure Security Technologies professional.

We prepare practice tests in the last references of the exam so that you can test your knowledge and have chances of passing the first attempt.

Features and benefits:

You only buy once and have lifetime access.

Content updated frequently.

All exam objectives are addressed so that the student knows if he / she is prepared for the exam.

Performance-based practice tests provide the student with a better learning experience.

The timed person prepares the conditions for the “exam” with a graphical score at the end.

You have a 30-day refund if you don’t like our practice tests for any reason.

Content included in the practice tests:

Manage identity and access.

Implement platform protection.

Manage security operations.

Secure data and applications.

Who should take the AZ-500 exam?

Candidates who pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam are Microsoft Azure security engineers responsible for implementing security controls, maintaining security posture, managing identity and access and protecting data, applications and networks. Candidates taking the AZ-500 exam must have strong scripting and automation skills, as well as a deep understanding of network architecture, virtualization and N-layer architecture in the cloud. In addition, the candidate must have a strong familiarity with the cloud features, Microsoft Azure products and services and other Microsoft products and services.

How do I prepare for the AZ-500?

The Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam is for those who have strong automation and scripting skills with an understanding of network, virtualization and cloud architecture. In this certification, you will be able to validate your skills to design secure, reliable and scalable applications to become an Azure Certified Security Engineer. As you prepare, 1. Scroll through the plants to get an idea of the exam section. 2. Look for online courses that will help you understand things better. 3. Do as many practical tests as possible to check your strength and weakness.


Unofficial testing practice.

We offer educational materials and practical tests to assist and help students prepare for these exams.

All certification marks used are the property of the respective owners of the marks. We do not own or claim any ownership in any of the Marks.


Who this course is for

  • People who want to test their knowledge on the AZ-500.


Course content

  • AZ:500 Test: 1
  • AZ-500 Test: 2
  • AZ-500 Test: 3
  • AZ-500 Test: 4
  • AZ-500 Test:5


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