Balance Exercises For A Better Balance & Basketball Training

Balance Exercises For A Better Balance & Basketball Training

Balance Exercises For A Better Balance & Basketball Training

Balance Exercise & Basketball Training: Balance & Coordination / Balance Exercises For Sport and Basketball Players

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Educational & Health – Nutrition Solutions

Last update: 2022-10-28

What you’ll learn

  • Extremely valuable, useful drills for basketball players and sport players
  • Learn how to control your body, start to become an elite player
  • Body awareness
  • Learn how to have a better eye-hand coordination
  • There is an infinite amount of drills you can practice by yourself
  • Basic, Alternate, Complex Drills and Techniques
  • Advance yourself from beginner to skilled player, develop your basketball skills
  • Having a good coordination can help prevent all kinds of injuries
  • Learn how to have a better and strong body, building better posture
  • Learn to increase your muscular power
  • Learn how to show your skill better by using this useful balance and coordination programme



  • A basketball of appropriate sizes (size 5 – size 6 – Size 7) ( Just for a few drills needs extra basketball)
  • 5 – 6 Rip Cones (Optional)
  • Two Tennis Ball or the same sized two balls
  • Training Ladder ( You can use your imagination )
  • You do not need any of equipment. Use your imagination
  • Purpose of becoming an elite any kind of sport player and basketball player



Hi welcome to Balance Exercises: Basketball Training & For A Better Balance Course

My name is Dinçer Aydın. I am a basketball trainer and skill development coach for youths and kids.

I am here to increase your coordination and balance and help you to become better in any kind of sports. If you want to have better balance and coordination in any sport, you are in the right place.

Balance training gives you a way to practice how to react quickly and make the correct movements to adjust being off-balanced. This will help to improve your agility and reaction time. In this course, you will find various and very effective drills and example videos. In order to show your talents, you need a good and effective training program as a sports player. If you want to make a difference in the game, you should increase your balance and coordination.

Coordination is defined as the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently

Extremely valuable, useful drills for basketball players and sports players

Learn how to have a better eye-hand coordination

Having good coordination can help prevent all kinds of injuries

Adding balance training to your training can help improve your overall performance in basketball and can be used to help your refine certainly


Who this course is for

  • Youths, Kids, Parents, Coaches, anyone who wants to have better balance and coordination
  • Anyone who wants to improve their balance and coordination
  • Elementary Students & Middle School Students
  • Basketball players who want to get new skills and drills and improve their balance and coordination
  • Coaches who want to help their players to get better balance on the court
  • Basketball trainers or a personal trainers
  • Players who want to start from the beginning


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction & Welcome To Course
    • Before We Start
  • Warm Up Drill Series
    • Hold the Ball & High Knees1
    • High Knee Wraps
    • Torso Twists
    • Legs Pull Ups Forwards
    • Legs Pull Ups Backwards
    • Vertical Raise Up
    • Horizontal Raise Up
    • Lunges and Dribbling
    • Lateral Slides & Vertical Raise The Ball Up
    • Lateral Slides & Horizontal Raise The Ball Up
  • Improve Your Balance
    • Scoop High Knee
    • Single Leg Hop Twist
    • Single Leg Around The Waist
    • Single Leg Wraps
    • Figure Plane & Hod The Ball
    • Figure Plane & Machine Gun
    • Wrap Around The Legs Combo
    • Figure Plane & Crossovers
    • Heel Up Squad Punch
    • Single Leg Squads
    • High Knee & Hold The Ball
    • High Knee & Torso Twist
    • Single Leg High Knee Wraps
    • Single Leg High Knee and Waist Wraps
    • High Knee Throws
    • Standing Close Eyes Single Leg
    • Single Leg Cone Touches ( Feet)
    • Single Leg Cone touches ( Hand)
    • Single Leg Cone touches ( Ball)
  • Boost Your Coordination
    • Line Hops ( Frontal )
    • Side To Side Jumps ( Lateral Hops )
    • Over & Back Foot Double Times
    • Single Leg Line Hops ( Lateral & Frontal )
    • Scissors Step
    • High Knees Step Over the Cones
    • Zig Zag Forward Backward Sprints
    • Three Steps & Over The Cone
    • Single Legs Hops Over The Cone
  • Basic Ladder Drill Series
    • Lateral Buzzsaw ( In & Out Lateral ) Drill
    • Lateral Crossover
    • Single Leg Bounce
    • Single Leg In & Out
    • Hop Scotch Single Leg
    • One Footed Hop
    • Icky Shuffle
    • Twist Hops – Hip Twist
  • Alternative Coordination Drills Series ( One Ball Ladder Drills )
    • Icky Shuffle & Wrap The Ball Around The Waist
    • Lateral BuzzSaw Drill & Belly Around
    • Move Forwards & Crossover
    • Lateral Buzzsaw (In & Out Lateral) Drill & Hold The Ball
  • Action Coordination Drill Series ( Eye – Hand Coordination & Tennis Ball )
    • Waist Wrap In Place
    • Waist Wrap & Figure 8
    • Waist Wrap & Through The Cones
    • Waist Wrap Around The Cone
    • Waist Wrap & Leg In and Out
    • Cone Overs & Tennis Ball Throw Catches
    • Cone Overs & Tennis Ball Type 2
    • Cone Overs Two Feet & Tennis Ball
    • Single Leg In Out & Tennis Ball Pounds
    • Waist Wrap & Lateral Jumps
    • Waist Wrap & Lateral Jumps & Dribbling
    • Waist Wrap& Lateral Jumps & Toss Up
    • Waist Wrap&Step Forward-BackWards
    • Cone Overs Combo Drill
    • In – Out & Two Tennis Ball Pounds
    • Throw and Cathes With Lateral Slides
    • Drop & Cross Catches
    • Push Up & Hand Wraps
    • Knee Wraps With Tennis Ball
    • Single Leg Knee Up and Leg Wraps (Ball)
    • Knee Wraps
    • Knee & Waist Wraps
  • Final Section
    • Final Talk
    • Bonus Lecture



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