Basics of Automotive Electronics

Basics of Automotive Electronics

Basics of Automotive Electronics

Detailed information and ideas concepts behind Automotive electronics. Utilize these concepts for level up your skills

Language: english

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Instructor(s): AutoRonics Services

Last update: 2022-04-10

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Electronics in Automotive
  • Domains in Automotive, Electronic control unit
  • Automotive sensors and actuators – Overview
  • Automotive Harness – Detailed information
  • CAN – Controller Area Network
  • Diagnostics – Overview about UDS
  • Basics of Advanced drivers assistance systems,Connected car and Electric vehicles
  • Future trends in Automotive



  • No Programming language or Experience needed
  • Interest and passion about Automotive Electronics


Basics of Automotive ElectronicsBasics of Automotive Electronics


Welcome to first course of autoronics services. We would to like share our knowledge in automotive in the form of videos. As a first step we wanted to trigger a course of basic to automotive electronics. The course “Basics of Automotive Electronics” talks mainly about electronics sensors, control units, actuators and main electronic components in Automotive. This course mainly will help to those who wanted to begin their career in Automotive electronics.

We will discuss mainly about

Evaluation of Automotive – history of remarkable milestones

Trend of Electronic components in the vehicle – With the statistics

Domains in the Automotive – Mainly the five different domains

Electrical and Electronic system architecture – At a higher level

Sensors – Frequently used in Automotive

Actuators – Useful demonstrations

Harness – What it is ?

CAN protocol-Communication medium in Automotive

Diagnostics – A general Idea

ADAS – Advanced driver assistance systems

Connected car

Electric Vehicles – A game changer

Future trends – Few trends in the automotive

With this main topics anyone can get more idea behind the Automotive E/E systems. And from the course completion they may have clear vision about the electronic components, issues, future about electronics in Automotive. And we wish to all the beginners to get the best benefit out of this course. And Keep us engaged with different training programs

All the very best.


Basics of Automotive ElectronicsBasics of Automotive Electronics

Who this course is for

  • Beginners, Freshers,Students, Trainees in Automotive industry
  • To understand the basic idea behind Electronics in Auomotive


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction of AutoRonics
    • Evaluation of Automotive industry
    • Domains in the Automotive
    • What is an Electronic control Unit
    • Trend of ECU and Why it is important
    • Deep dive into Electronics – Sensors
    • Deep dive into Electronics – Actuators
    • Deep dive into Electronics – Architecture
    • Deep dive into Electronics – Harness
    • CAN_Introduction
    • CAN_Oscilloscope view
    • Diagnostics_Introduction
    • ADAS-Advanced driver assistance systems
    • Connected_Cars-High level overview
    • Automotive future



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