Basics of Electric Circuit Elements

Basics of Electric Circuit Elements

Basics of Electric Circuit Elements

Electric Circuit Elements

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What you’ll learn

  • The learners can understand about the resistor and applications of resistor
  • The learners can understand about the capacitor and applications of capacitor
  • The learners can understand about the inductor and applications of inductor
  • The learners can understand the RL, RC and RLC circuit basics



  • You should be the engineering students or graduate in the Electronics, Electrical or Instrumentation Engineering



The course covers the basics of the resistor, inductor and capacitor and their use in the electrical network. The course is useful to the engineers those who are preparing for the competitive examinations.

Even the course covers the examples on the energy storage elements and on the RC, RL and RLC series circuits.


The course has following lessons

1. Introduction

2. Basics of Resistor

3. Basics of Inductor

4. Basics of Capacitor

5. Applications

    RC Circuit

    RL Circuit

    RLC Circuit

6. Quiz : 10 Questions

7. About future courses on Electrical Network


This course is useful to the beginners to understand the basics of the energy storage elements.

If you are an electrical, electronics or Instrumentation engineer then you can enroll for this course with objective to clear basic fundamentals.

The course covers the basic examples and the applications of the concepts and useful for the competitive examination. Following are main highlights of this course

1. Covers the concepts of R, L and C

2. Discussion on the RC series circuit

3. Discussion on the RC parallel circuit

4. Discussion on the RL series circuit

5. Discussion on the RL parallel circuit

6. Discussion on the RLC series circuit

7. Discussion on the RLC parallel circuit

The concepts discussed learners can use to solve the network analysis questions.


Who this course is for

  • Students from electrical, electronics or instrumentation engineering.
  • Engineers preparing for the competitive examinations.
  • Engineers preparing for the GATE, ESE, ISRO, DRDO and other examinations


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Resistor as circuit element
  • Energy Storage Elements
    • Energy Storage Element : Inductor
    • Energy Storage Element : Capacitor
  • Applications
    • RC Circuit
    • RL Circuit
    • RLC Circuit
  • Quiz
    • Answer the Questions
  • About our future courses on the Electrical network
    • Courses on the Electrical Network and Network Analysis


Basics of Electric Circuit Elements

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