Become a Fiverr Level one seller in Two Weeks – Secret Gig

Become a Fiverr Level one seller in Two Weeks - Secret Gig

Become a Fiverr Level one seller in Two Weeks – Secret Gig

Fiverr Proven GIG Bluprint to make 4 Figures as a Beginner in Two Weeks – No Skills and Zero Dollar Budget Required

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Instructor(s): Passive Income Gen Z

Last update: 2022-09-25

What you’ll learn

  • A simple and comprehensive Secret GIG with Blueprint to make 4 Figures a Month on Fiverr as a complete beginner
  • Learn how to maximize your sales on Fiverr from the first 2 Weeks of starting out on the Platform
  • Learn and get the Blueprint to become a top rated fiverr seller in a short period of time with No skills or Budget
  • The Utlimate Secret Gig to Crack 4 Figures a month on Fiverr with No skills
  • Make money anywhere you want, no Matter the Geographical location with No skills and Zero Budget
  • Learn How to write Persuasive sales copy to get a lot of sales and reviews on Fiverr
  • Learn how to Outsource customers Emails legally and to build your portfolio of Fiverr Clients
  • This course will teach you how to prepare and send COLD outreach emails to get orders on Fiverr
  • A bonus Sales 1O1 Training based on Real Sales negotiations to maximize sales on Fiverr



  • A computer and Internet Access
  • Remove all distractions away and focus on this course for 5 hours
  • The ability and will to Dedicate 1 month to change your career online



In this course, you will see every step & strategy to make 4 figures a month as a complete beginner on fiverr with just one SECRET fiverr GIG.

This lecture is a blueprint to make 4 figures on fiverr as a beginner starting from scratch, with no technical skills or investment required.

The only thing required is the course instructions, a computer, and internet access, and you’re set for success on Fiverr.

If you select this course, you have discovered an incredible opportunity to make money online with No struggle. Let this be the starting point to building your first succesful online business.

My story :

I obtained an engineering degree in industrial engineering and international logistics. I had an experience of over 5 years in different industries, but I was never satisfied in the corporate world and had realized early that a 9 to 5 would never allow me to live the life of my dream.

In 2017 I read my first book “Rich dad Poor dad” By Robert Kiyosaki, and I learned that I had a lot to know if I wanted to be succesful as an entrepreneur.

Fast forward to 2 years after I read my first book, I was able to replace my salary and dedicate my life to the online world, where I have earned 20 times more money than I have made over 5 years of working in a corporate job.

My first hobby is discovering online tips and tricks to make money and provide for my family.

I am also passionate about sharing knowledge with freelancers and entrepreneurs to make money online and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

I am not a freelancer on Fiverr, but that’s where I first started and made my first bucks online.

What you will learn in this course :

  • The secret fiverr gig that nobody will tell you about helping me make 872 dollars in less than 2 Weeks.

  • A method to make money with unlimited access to customers

  • Acquire customers on Fiverr with a Zero dollars acquisition cost, and grow your portfolio of customers

  • Learn a straightforward method to collect emails to use later for cold email outreach

  • A ready-to-go sales Script to 10X your sales on Fiverr, and how to write a similar or even better Cold email outreach sales script using the 16 Word-Sales Letter

  • Learn how to write emails and a Simple method to send the emails in Bulk to hundreds of people simultaneously.

  • Sales Training 1O1 and follow up from the first email to convert cold traffic into paying customers in less than 1 day.

  • Learn the importance of repeat customers and how to set your value ladder in a way that offers more services to make more money from the same customers

  • The importance of upselling and how to get a lot of upsells

  • Tips and hacks to become persuasive at negotiation and to convert Leads into customers like crazy.

You can either decide to take this course NOW! and start to make some money or procrastinate.

The problem is that other people will definitely take this opportunity if you don’t take it now.

Do not wait until this technique to make money expires to take a decision, so take action now and make some money.

Passive Income Gen Z

Happy Husting.


Who this course is for

  • Freelancers looking to make money on Fiverr as Beginners
  • People looking to become Top level sellers in a short period of time with No skills
  • Individuals looking for an easy way to make money Freelancing on Fiverr with No budget or Fancy Design Software


Course content

  • The secret GIG with unlimited Customers that Nobody will tell you about!
    • The Secret gig that nobody will tell you about (Classified) Only For you!
    • The secret GIG with offer unlimited access to customers at all times
    • The secret gig that requires a ZERO Dollar acquisition cost to Crack 4 figures
  • The Hidden Gig that Made me 872 Dollars in 2 Weeks
    • What exactly are we going to do? What is this gig Anyways?
    • Looks at how much Money I made with this Secret Fiverr Gig!
  • Email Collection Process : Let’s source 20 EMAILS for Free from Udemy
    • Email collection – Collect leads – part 1 – A simple and comprehensive Trick
    • Email collection – Collect leads – part 2 – A simple and comprehensive Trick
  • The Sales SCRIPT that I have Used to Scale My sales in Two Weeks Only
    • The sales Script – Part 1 – Exlained in Details – Copywriting made Easy part 1
    • The sales Script – Part 2 – Exlained in Details – Copywriting made Easy part 2
  • Let’s write the COLD outreach Email to our Target Leads
    • Let’s write the COLD outreach Email to our Target Leads
  • Let’s send the COLD Emails in bulk to the LEADS using Mail merge by Google
    • Let’s send the COLD Outreach emails in bulk to the LEADS!
  • The 16 Word-Sales Letter – A method Used to write the Email Sales Script
    • Introduction to the 16-Word-Sales Letter to Scale your sales copy
    • 3 Problems copyriters face & how words have changed history
    • The 16-Word sales letter Revealed
    • How Copywriting helped me break free from my 9 to 5 JOB
    • The one thing your prospect must believe
    • Answer Question 1 – What’s my product or service’s Unique Selling proposition
    • Make Leads believe in your Solution
    • Set the expectations from the Start! Do not Wait 4 Weeks to do it
    • Give people a strong PROOF to trust you
    • Let people know what’s holding them back
    • Use the Polarizing Power of the (US vs Them) mentality in your Sales copy 20
    • Give them a strong reason to make a fast decision
    • Give people a strong motive to trust you
    • Recap of the 7 Emotional questions
    • Let Target Customers know how it works
    • Coach them on how to get started when Neccesary!
    • Let your Leads believe that they are the losers for not Placing the Order!
  • Let me Show you the Secret to Promote the Udemy course Coupons on Websites
    • The secret websites to promote Udemy course coupons
    • Let’s do it – Let’s promote the coupon in 10 Minutes
  • Another Extra HACK to earn 4 Figures a Month
    • Watch this video if you want to make a lot of Money
    • Important Tip : Do not promote course coupons on facebook groups
  • Let’s create and Publish the GIG on Fiverr – No Fiverr SEO Required
    • Let’s create the GIG on Fiverr – Part 1 (Overview & Pricing)
    • Let’s create the GIG on Fiverr – Part 2 (Description & FAQ)
    • Let’s create the Fiverr GIG Image on CANVA and publish the gig
  • Sales training 1O1 + Email follow up SCRIPT
    • Sales training 1O1 + Email follow up SCRIPT part 1 – Video 34
    • Sales training 1O1 + Get prepared to start promoting and selling Part 2
  • Tips and Hacks to a Succesful Fiverr Journey
    • Exactly what it takes to be a Level One seller on Fiverr
    • Repeat customers are 12 times more profitable than a One time customer
    • The Value Ladder is what makes the difference between a 5000Dollar per month
    • Amazing TIP – Install the fiverr app to make more sales
    • Do not beg the customer & Make your work speak for itself


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