Beginner Friendly Piano Lessons without a Piano

Beginner Friendly Piano Lessons without a Piano

Beginner Friendly Piano Lessons without a Piano

Piano Lessons

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Instructor(s): Katera Watson

Last update: 2022-11-21

What you’ll learn

  • Identifying the names of the notes on a grand piano
  • Interpret musical notation quickly in piano music
  • Learn basic to advanced level music concepts such as the circle of fifths, chord inversions, and time signatures.
  • Confidently complete weekly learning assignments to reflect knowledge such as key notation and ear training.



  • No experience needed. Just a pen, pencil, piano, and a good attitude.



Hello Musical People!

In this piano class, viewers will be learning musical concepts such as note identification, rhythmic elements, circle of fifths, key signatures, beginner to advanced music theory concepts, different genres to play such as classical and jazz, and much more! Each week a class will be set into smaller chunks that will be easy to digest and understand for viewers of any level. Beginner classes will focus on quickly identifying musical concepts while advanced lessons while focusing on sharpening skills already known. A teaching method of repetition and expansion will also be used to help advanced learners grow and develop professional skills such as performance techniques that are crucial to being a music professional. These skills will not only be beneficial to the piano student while performing, but it will increase the likelihood of succeeding in a performance.

Items needed:

Pen or paper

“Air” piano, keyboard, or any brand of a grand piano is fine!

A good attitude to get you through the course

Every class will have interactive activities for you to complete to truly test your skills and knowledge. As your teacher, I use repetition, games, and weekly testing to measure what you will learn virtually. So, be sure you have your musician hands, eyes, and ears open and ready to begin!

I hope you enjoy your time in this online course.


Who this course is for

  • Piano students of all levels


Course content

  • Introduction of Course
  • Piano Basics(Naming the White Keys on the Piano, Musical Alphabet)
    • Introduction of Piano Lessons
  • Learning the Black Keys on the Piano(Interactive activities, examples)
    • Identifying and memorizing the Black keys on the piano.
    • Naming the Black Keys on the Piano and Storytime
  • Learning Fingering Techniques for Piano!(Easily labeled fingers, story time)
    • Finger Techniques
  • How to Play Piano Chords(Different angles used to learn)
    • We are going on vacation! How to make chords, and identifying what a chord means
    • Let’s go to Italy! (Chord examples on the piano.)
    • Game Time!
  • Chords vs Single Notes (Ceilia & Allison example, introvert & extrovert analogy)
    • How to identify chords versus single notes.
  • Dynamics for Piano(How to truly make music sound good on the piano.)
    • Learning Dynamics in Piano


Beginner Friendly Piano Lessons without a PianoBeginner Friendly Piano Lessons without a Piano


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