Beginners Dance Course – Bollywood 1

Beginners Dance Course - Bollywood 1

Beginners Dance Course – Bollywood 1

Learn Bollywood Dancing – Basics, Warm-up, Passes and Choreography (Song: Aila Re Aillaa – Sooryavanshi)

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (1 notes) 322 students

Instructor(s): Laveena Ashish



We welcome you to the Beginners Dance Course – Bollywood 1

We hope you have the best time learning with us.

Through this course you will be learning-

1. Basics of Dance

2. Introduction to Bollywood dance and its elements

3. Fun Dance Warm-up and stretches

3. Bollywood Grooves and Passes

4. Bollywood Choreography

5. Extra Choreography – Cheap Thrills Song ( Hip Hop Dance Style )

Each and every video in this course is structured to provide you a complete dance learning experience.

This course will also help in Boosting your confidence to dance ANYWHERE and Help you start your journey in dance as we touch up with some important basic points from Jazz and share some important tips n tricks.

Learn amazing choreography on the hit track Aila Re Aillaa from Sooryavanshi. We have explained each and every step in detail and all the dance parts are mirrored to provide a hassle free learning experience. So just put on your Dancing shoes and start your dance journey today.

Extra Course – Get a flavor of learning Hip Hop from us too. Included with the course, Hip Hop Dance Tutorial on the famous English Track Cheap Thrills (Remix Version) by Sia. Music Track included for Practice.


All the ones who are looking to learn basics, build their knowledge in Dance or just learn the trending choreography, this course is for YOU.

Post completion of this course, don’t forget to send us your Dance Videos for a Free feedback.

You will also get a certificate of completion once you have successfully completed the entire course.

So let’s Learn Aspire Dance and Celebrate with LADC!

Beginners Dance Course - Bollywood 1



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