Beyond Personal Development

Beyond Personal Development

Beyond Personal Development

Understand Your Life Journey, Step Into Personal Transformation & Evolution

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Instructor(s): Juan Campoo

Last update: 2022-03-11

What you’ll learn

  • The gift Maslow and Barrett have given us: 2 Models that shed light into our lives
  • Seven stages of psychological development: Your life journey
  • Seven levels of consciousness: What drives you daily
  • Personal Transformation: The most important decision you’ll ever make, to let go of past conditioning and start living an authentic, meaningful, fulfilling life
  • Possible steps you can take to accelerate your evolutionary journey



  • It is ideal if you already have made progress on your personal development, whether by reading books, working with coaches, or attending courses or workshops.



We can all agree we want to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Despite the barriers we all know exist, the real problem is how little we understand our own psychology, which is at the center of our whole lives. We don’t really know and master the dynamics between life out there and our own inner universe, where all our thoughts, feelings, and choices come from.

Yet, as Aristotle said, knowing ourselves is the beginning of all wisdom.

That’s why we need to have a simple way to understand ourselves and others; to understand where we come from, where our lives are heading, and to get our most important needs met.

That is exactly what we’ll be doing in this course. We will uncover a simple yet incredibly powerful model, which is used by millions around the world for creating wellbeing and positive change in all aspects of life, business, and society.

Whether you are a professional young adult, a leader, a parent or a change maker, you want to understand where you are in the evolutionary journey of your life, what your focus should be in your psychological development and those around you, and what needs you should be fulfilling to truly thrive.

Not only will this give you amazing clarity about your life, your mind, your emotions and actions, it will also be the first firm step into leading an authentic, empowered and meaningful life; a life that’s full of joy, purpose, and positive impact.

See you on inside!


Who this course is for

  • This course was made for professionals, managers and leaders, who have been working hard in their professional careers and have achieved some good success. But for a while now, they have had some important, deep questions in their mind that create unease. Questions about who you really are, what you are here in this life for, what’s the meaning behind your work or life itself, and maybe even about finding your purpose in life.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • The gift Maslow & Barrett have given us: 2 Models that shed light into our lives
  • Your life journey: The 7 stages of development
    • 7 stages of psychological (personal) development: Understand your life journey
    • Exercises: What is YOUR stage of development?
  • The 7 levels of consciousness
    • 7 levels of consciousness: What drives you daily
    • Exercises: What are YOUR levels of consciousness?
    • Examples from real people (Personal Values Assessment)
    • Conclusions about your levels of consciousness
  • Beyond Personal Development: Into personal Transformation & Evolution
    • Going beyond personal development: The most important decision you’ll ever make
    • Personal Mastery: The key to accelerate your personal evolution
    • Your next steps in your evolutionary journey


Beyond Personal DevelopmentBeyond Personal Development


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