Bharathanatyam Made Easy

Bharathanatyam Made Easy

Bharathanatyam Made Easy

Bharathanatyam basics and three songs to perform

Language: english

Note: 4.8/5 (5 notes) 152 students

Instructor(s): Deepa Ramalingam



Welcome to ‘Bharathanatyam Made Easy’. Bharathanatyam is a dance of Joy and everyone should experience it.This course is aimed for Beginners and intermediate dancers of any age. Basics of Bharathanatyam have been explained . Various Hand Gestures , Feet movements ,  Adavus( steps ), along with three beautiful songs has been walked through.  At the end of this course you will be able to perform these songs.The music files are also added at the downloadable materials.

As mentioned already this course is for Adults and Children. Children may need their Parents or Guardians account to login and access the course.

The dance usually begins and Ends  with the routine called the Namaskaram. Please pray Mother Earth for letting dance on her while you do this routine. The video explains how to do it.

Adavus are the basic entities of this dance form- Adavus itself is a vast area . I have  given the Frequently used adavus and their footwork here. Please start with them before you move on to the songs. Every Adavu different yoga inside it with different benefits. Bharathanatyam as a whole improves the agility of your body and mind.

I also would like to Thank Rathika Rajaloganatha ( Founder, NSA UK ) and Sujatha Sreevats (Musician) in helping me do this course.

I suggest you start with little warm up before you practise exercises from this course.  Please wear comfortable clothing. Practise makes it Perfect- With constant practise and follow these simple rules on this video to have a strong foundation and anyone can learn Bharathanatyam and Dance with ease. Happy Dancing!


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