Blender, Fusion360, AutoCAD: An Introduction to 3D Modeling

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Blender, Fusion360, AutoCAD: An Introduction to 3D Modeling

Blender, Fusion360, AutoCAD: An Introduction to 3D Modeling

Learning CAD; Welcome to the wonderful world of CAD with Fusion 360, Inventor, AutoCAD and Blender

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (22 notes) 3,253 students

Instructor(s): Harvey Leo Cotterill

Last update: 2022-03-08

What you’ll learn

  • Develop skills in Blender
  • Develop skills in AutoCAD
  • Have proficient skills in Fusion 360
  • Have proficient skills in Inventor Professional
  • Understand the basic principles of computer aided design
  • Understand the role which CAD has on society
  • Understand a range of CAD terminology
  • Use CAD software to produce rendered images
  • Read and use technical drawings
  • Use CAD software to produce technical drawings
  • Use CAD software to create simulations
  • Use CAD software to create mechanical animations
  • Produce CAD models of real world objects



  • No experience in CAD needed.
  • Learners will be required to have access to the following software: Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Fusion 360, AutoCAD and Blender, these can be accessed for free with trials or an education licence
  • Access to a computer (preferably windows or mac which can run windows software)



Now with accurate video captions, ¡Ahora con subtítulos en español!

Learn about CAD and how to use popular CAD software such as Inventor, Fusion 360, Blender and AutoCAD. Learn the fundamental skills required to model, render, simulate and animate. This course is for beginners and requires no prior knowledge about 3D design.

Students learn about the basics of CAD including universal tools and boolean operations. This introductory course also delves into more advanced topics including surface and freeform modelling as well as creating technical graphics. At the beginning of the course, we discuss the impact and need for CAD in our modern society, reinforcing the importance of these digital skills in industry.

Students also take time to create a CAD environment in order to produce realistic images of the models they have created. This introduces the use of common CAD file formats.

Projects are designed to challenge and engage students, allowing them to both develop and demonstrate their skills. Independent tasks allow you to gain confidence when using 3D tools. The course is completed with an assignment to assess your knowledge of CAD modelling.

For anyone interested in engineering, 3D design, game development or technology, this is an ideal first course for you.

Your instructor is a student studying a masters design and technology education and has a specialism in 3D computer modelling.

Start developing your skills today with an introduction to 3D modelling.


Blender, Fusion360, AutoCAD: An Introduction to 3D ModelingBlender, Fusion360, AutoCAD: An Introduction to 3D Modeling

Who this course is for

  • Budding 3D modellers interested in learning the ropes to using popular CAD software in a range of applications.
  • Engineers and architects looking to learn intermediate skills in CAD software
  • Students developing skills in 3D design
  • Those intimidated by the vastness of CAD


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome video
  • Understanding the basics of CAD
    • What is computer aided design?
    • CAD in society
    • Boolean operations and common CAD tools
    • Reading technical drawings
    • Lesson 1 Recap
  • Welcome to Fusion 360
    • Take the tour
    • Extruding and revolving
    • Sweeping and lofting
    • Other modelling tools
    • Give it a go
    • Fusion 360 Tools Quiz
    • Let’s make a microphone stand
  • Advanced tools in Fusion 360
    • Surface modelling
    • Freeform modelling
    • An introduction to rendering
    • Rendering in Fusion
    • FEA simulations
    • Animating in Fusion
    • Give it a go
    • Fusion 360 Knowledge Quiz
  • Welcome to Inventor
    • Take the tour
    • Let’s make a glue stick
    • Creating technical drawings
    • Other Tools
    • Creating a CAD environment with STEP files
    • Give it a go
    • Inventor Quiz
  • Welcome to AutoCAD
    • Take the tour
    • Drafting tools
    • Using the isoplane
    • Drawing a room
    • 3D modelling in AutoCAD
    • Give it a go
    • AutoCAD Quiz
  • Welcome to Blender
    • Take the tour
    • Modelling in Blender
    • Applying materials in Blender
    • Rendering in Blender
    • Extra lesson: Creating a radial array
    • Modelling a Lightsaber
    • Give it a go
    • Blender Quiz
  • Independent task
    • Intro to the task
    • Modelling using either Fusion or Inventor
    • Rendering in Blender
    • Creating technical drawings from a model
    • Creating technical drawings in AutoCAD
  • Assessment
    • Wrapping up
    • Modelling Skills Assessment
    • CAD Knowledge Assesment


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