Body: Learn How to Ground Yourself

Body: Learn How to Ground Yourself

Body: Learn How to Ground Yourself

Reconnect with yourself

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Instructor(s): Ricardo Da Costa


This course teaches you how to cultivate a grounding practice,
strengthen your body, slow down your mind, increase confidence,
and self-regulate your nervous system using body and breath.

We spend a lot of time in our minds,
not paying attention to our bodies,
only when we nourish the body do we feel grounded and safe.

We have lost the capacity to be in the present moment without feeling uncomfortable in our skin.
We numb ourselves through compulsions and instant gratification,
doing whatever we can to slow down our fast-paced minds.

We have disconnected from ourselves.
When we connect with the body, we feel more energized,
and our mental health and well-being improve.

The human body is a temple.
As we make our bodies stronger using physical-spiritual postures,
we start to remember the importance of reconnecting with our deepest selves and nurturing the temple.

The purpose of this course is to teach you mindfulness in a simple way.
Here you will learn to ground yourself using strong postures, gentle movements, and different breathing patterns to help you return to a state of homeostasis.

This course is a reflection of my healing journey.
I hope it helps you feel more at peace within yourself.


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