Build A Responsive Navigation Bar With MaterialUI and React

Build A Responsive Navigation Bar With MaterialUI and React

Build A Responsive Navigation Bar With MaterialUI and React

Learn how to build responsive navigation bar with MaterialUI

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In this course, you will learn that how to build a responsive navigation bar with MaterialUI.

We will cover

  1. AppBar

  2. ToolBar

  3. List

  4. ListItemButtons

  5. Material – Ui Icons

  6. Tabs for Links

  7. CSS Responsive Media Queries

  8. Theming of MaterialUI

  9. useMediaQuery with MaterialUI

  10. Drawer Buttons

  11. Responsive Hamburger Menu Icon

  12. All using React State Management ( useState ) ;

  13. And Making Dynamic Content by receiving data from Arrays

  14. And Much More in Just 40 Min Of Content.

So these will be the things you will be learning.

About MaterialUI: MUI provides a robust, customizable, and accessible library of foundational and advanced components, enabling you to build your own design system and develop React applications faster.

Material-UI is simply a library that allows us to import and use different components to create a user interface in our React applications. This saves a significant amount of time since the developers do not need to write everything from scratch.

The latest version is 5 which will be used here.

About ReactJS: React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. It is maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.

So let’s get this course and start learning these things.

See you in the course Now.




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