Business English Complete: English for Professionals

Business English Complete: English for Professionals

Business English Complete: English for Professionals

Boost your Business English fluency and develop effective English communication skills for all professional environments

Language: english

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Instructor(s): David Morris

Last update: 2022-09-04

What you’ll learn

  • Learn everyday, essential Business English language, vocabulary and expressions
  • Develop your confidence to speak to work colleagues and communicate clearly
  • Improve English communication in a range of business settings and environments
  • Understand strategies and English skills to ACE your next English job interview
  • Learn natural, native expressions for a range of Business English situations
  • Boost listening skills with recorded dialogues in Business English conversations



  • A hardworking attitude and enthusiasm to improve your Business English skills
  • A notepad or similar is highly recommended



English is the global language of business and commerce.

Over 1.5 billion people use English around the world, many of them in a business environment.

As our workplaces become more globally connected, Business English becomes an essential skill for all employees. In fact, many companies will only hire staff with a strong level of Business English communication in a professional environment.

This really results in one outcome…

The higher your level of Business English fluency, the better your employment opportunities and career prospects.

But where can I study in one place to improve my English fluency and Business English skills?

And where can I learn from trusted, native speaking instructors with real business experience?

If you are looking for one COMPLETE Business English course for all professional communication skills…

This is the course for you.

Business English Complete gives you a full curriculum covering all the Business English skills you need to supercharge your professional communication.

Stop feeling embarrassed about speaking to work colleagues. Build your confidence and communicate with clear ideas and native vocabulary. Build fluency to engage with business meetings and presentations.

Throughout Business English Complete, you’ll learn a range of business language and vocabulary – all the way from beginner to advanced levels of English speaking.

You’ll be studying with two UK certified and qualified teachers – David and Andrew.

Both instructors have years of experience in a range of businesses, both in the UK and internationally. They’ve also worked in a range of management and leadership positions, too.

With Business English Complete, you can…

– Master essential skills for everyday Business English fluency.

– Develop English speaking skills to improve communication with the people you work with.

– Build your English confidence in all professional communication settings.

– Understand strategies to ace your English job interview and impress employers.

– Know a range of natural language for clear telephone, email and letter communication.

– Learn REAL native expressions and vocabulary for business and professional environments.

– Improve listening with business dialogues and modelled conversation recordings.

But we offer more than just a COMPLETE curriculum.

Get access to Q+A instructor feedback with any questions you have during your studies.

We can’t wait to help you improve your Business English skills.

Sign up now and let’s supercharge your Business English fluency.


Who this course is for

  • All professionals wishing to improve their Business English fluency


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • How to use this course
  • Business English Essentials
    • Professional introductions + formal business English
    • Talking about your work or job
    • Business departments and job roles
    • Types of employment
    • Phrases and strategies for thinking time
    • Key phrases for customer service
    • Making polite requests
    • Disagreeing with ideas
    • Agreeing with ideas
    • Key verbs for Business English
  • Business English for telephone conversations
    • Answering and making calls
    • Taking and leaving messages
    • Asking for clarification
    • Using the phonetic alphabet
    • Politely asking someone to wait
    • Dealing with difficulties or complaints
    • How to end a business call
    • Business English Dialogues: Telephone 1
    • Telephone dialogue: Script 1
    • Business English Dialogues: Telephone 2
    • Telephone dialogue: Script 2
  • Meetings and presentations
    • Introduction to business presentations and meetings
    • Introducing a presentation
    • Agendas and goals
    • Describing statistics and trends
    • Presentation techniques
    • Managing group conversations and disagreements
    • Advanced presentation language and phrases
    • Summarizing and ending meetings
    • Business English Dialogues: General Meeting
    • Business meeting script
    • Business English Dialogues: Sales Presentation
    • Sales meeting script
  • Business emails and letters
    • Email structure
    • How to start an email
    • Useful email phrases
    • How to end an email
    • Email acronyms
    • Introducing yourself by email
    • Email etiquette and tips
    • Business letter structure
    • Language for business English letters
  • Job interviews
    • 5 essentials for amazing job interviews
    • Your business English CV + Resume
    • Self-introductions and greetings – Job interview
    • Talking about your professional skills
    • Questions to ask at the interview
    • Difficult interview questions and model answers
    • Job interview vocabulary + phrasal verbs
    • Business English Dialogues: Job Interview 1
    • Job interview script 1
    • Business English Dialogues: Job Interview 2
    • Job interview script 2
  • Core Business English skills
    • Office talk and language
    • How to sound more polite
    • Politely interrupting someone
    • Using comparatives and superlatives
    • Using ‘If’ in Business English
    • Persuading someone to do something
    • Arranging meetings
    • Language for online meetings
    • How to negotiate effectively
  • Business English vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms
    • Business English vocabulary 1
    • Business English vocabulary 2
    • Business English vocabulary 3
    • Business English vocabulary 4
    • Business English vocabulary 5
    • Business English vocabulary 6
    • Business English vocabulary PDF
    • Business English phrasal verbs 1
    • Business English phrasal verbs 2
    • Business English phrasal verbs 3
    • Business English phrasal verbs 4
    • Business English phrasal verbs 5
    • Business English phrasal verbs 6
    • Phrasal verbs PDF
    • Business English Idioms 1
    • Business English Idioms 2
    • Business English Idioms 3
    • Business English Idioms 4
    • Business English Idioms 5


Business English Complete: English for ProfessionalsBusiness English Complete: English for Professionals

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