🇷🇴 Canva Master Course | Learn Canva with Chris

🇷🇴 Canva Master Course | Learn Canva with Chris

Canva Master Course | Learn Canva with Chris

Discover Canva, Build your Brand & Grow your Business or Career with a Canva Certified Expert

Language: romanian

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Instructor(s): Smart Curs

Last update: 2022-06-25

What you’ll learn

  • Discover all the latest features now available in Canva
  • Build a strong brand identity & a brand style guide for your business
  • Learn the fundamentals of Canva & graphic design while having fun
  • Use Canva to create 18 visuals you need to promote your business
  • Discover how to make a positive first impression with all your designs



  • You will need a laptop or desktop computer and an Internet connection. No previous design skills required.



What this course is all about?

I’m sure you want to learn the latest cool things you can do with Canva right? If you do, you are in the right place, my friend!

This course will help you get started with Canva (so don’t worry if you are a beginner) and then provide you with a roadmap that will push you to grow into a confident content creator.

You will be creating visuals & animated GIFs for social media, you will edit all sorts of videos for TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, you’ll be making your own website and design convincing pitch deck presentations.

Why you should learn Canva with me?

Since I first published this course (about 20.000 students ago), a lot of interesting things happened to me:

  • I started a FB group that grew into one of the largest Canva communities

  • I published around 300 Canva tutorials on YouTube and received close to 10M views

  • I GOT HIRED BY CANVA!! and moved to Australia to work at their headquarters

  • I became one of the first Canva Certified Experts

  • I left Canva after 2 years to focus on Udemy and my YouTube channel which were both exploding!

So yeah! A lot of good things have happened…

Being an official Canva ambassador (Canva Expert) and having worked at Canva for 2 years gives me a deep understanding of the platform, where it’s going and how to best use it. As a Canva Expert, I get to test and access new features first and also receive VIP support from Canva to make sure I teach Canva in the best possible way to my community.

How is this Canva Course Different?

This course is different from the other courses about Canva on this platform.Let me tell you how:

1/ It’s a Master Course, meaning: we go deep. And not only do we go deep, we approach the learning experience in a very structured way. Progressively showing you all you can create with Canva. I left the course overview free to watch in the curriculum, so make sure to check it out.

2/ You’ll build your brand. The course will not only teach you how to use Canva, but will help you develop a brand identity for your business or organization. Your brand identity is indeed the foundation upon which you should build your company’s communication. It includes your mission, vision, target audience, personality and core values. We will make sure to cover all these branding fundamentals before we start designing.

3/ It’s hands-on & practical. Instead of creating some random graphics to teach you how to use Canva, we will start by designing a Brand Style Guide. Of course, we will do this with Canva! Your Brand Style Guide will make sure everything else you design in this course is on-brand and ready to use in real life.

4/ Become a confident content creator. You will then get to work, and lean on your Style Guide during the rest of the course to create a complete set of visuals and projects that will be useful to promote your brand or establish your online presence as a content creator.

Here is a list of the 18 projects YOU will be designing in this course:

  1. Your Brand Style Guide

  2. A Profile Picture for Social Media

  3. A Facebook Post

  4. A Facebook Cover

  5. A Facebook Ad

  6. An Instagram Post

  7. An Instagram Story

  8. A YouTube Thumbnail

  9. A YouTube Channel Art

  10. An Infographic

  11. A TikTok Video

  12. A video tutorial for YouTube

  13. An Animated Social Media Post

  14. An Animated GIF

  15. A Pitch Deck Presentation

  16. Charts & Graphs for your Presentation

  17. A Talking Presentation

  18. Your Canva Website


By the end of this Canva Master Course you will have created a full set of consistent visuals that will actually help you promote your brand. You will have mastered Canva and will be able to use it to produce any kind of visuals you need in the future, allowing you to save time, money and take your design skills to the next level!

Enroll now and let’s get this party started!!


Who this course is for

  • Virtual assistants who need to create professional graphics, videos and websites for their clients
  • Social media managers and visual content creators
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create a strong brand
  • Freelancers who want to boost their career on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


Course content

  • De ce ai nevoie de Canva
    • Ce este Canva și cum te poate ajuta?
    • Ce e Smart Curs?
    • Tutorial Udemy
    • De ce ai nevoie de Canva?
    • Un mic ochii asupra cursului
    • De ce ar trebui să devii mai bun la Visual Design
    • Creăm Contul tău Gratuit
  • Fundamentele Canva
    • Introducerea Sectiunii
    • Descoperim Infrastructura Canvei
    • Devenim familiar cu ustensilele Canvei
    • Accesăm mii de template-uri gratuite
    • Elemente gratuite vs 1$ elemente
    • Crearea unui proiect cu dimensiuni customizate
    • Descărcarea Designului tău
    • Cum plătim ca să facem un upgrade la Canva Pro
  • Creem Identitatea Brandului tău
    • Introducerea Sectiunei
    • Misiunea
    • Viziunea
    • Audienta Cheie
    • Personalitatea Brandului
    • Valorile tale principale
  • Creem Ghidul Stilistic a Brandului
    • Introducerea Secțiunii
    • Istoria Brandului tău
    • Logo-ul
    • Paleta de Culori
    • Tipografia
    • Imaginiile
    • Vocea
  • Design pentru Social Media
    • Introducerea Secțiunii
    • Poza de Profil / Cover pentru Facebook
    • Citate Instagram
    • Thumbnail pentru YouTube
    • YouTube Channel Art
    • Postări Twitter
    • Twitter Header
    • Poza de Profil Linkedin
    • Banner Linkedin
  • Facem Vizuale pentru website sau Blog
    • Introducerea Secțiunii
    • Imagini Hero
    • Icons
    • Imagini Specifice pentru Blog
    • Imaginile Autorilor
  • Hai să facem Staționare Business
    • Introducerea Secțiunii
    • Antete
    • Coperte
    • Carduri Business
  • Creem o Prezentare SUPER
    • De ce Canva este noul PowerPoint
    • Greșeli in Design pe care să le omiți
    • Fă asta inainte să creezi slidurile
    • Ce este o prezentare & Cum creezi una
    • Acum dam foc la ghete – parte 1
    • Partea 2
    • Partea 3
    • Partea 4
    • Partea 5
    • Aratăm prezentarea noastra din Canva
    • Dam share la prezentari cu audiența nostră
  • Facem Pagini Web
    • Introducerea Secțiunii
    • Creează Site-uri simple cu Canva
    • Creeaza o pagină de aterizare
    • Creeaza un minisite
    • Insereaza conținut Multimedia
    • Partea 4
    • Partea 5
    • Sfaturi cum poți crea site-uri mai bune
    • Publicam diferite tipuri de site-uri
  • Cum să obții un job & Concluzie
    • Cum să obții un job?
    • Ultimul Cuvant


🇷🇴 Canva Master Course | Learn Canva with Chris🇷🇴 Canva Master Course | Learn Canva with Chris

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