CFA Level I Exam Prep

CFA Level I Exam Prep

CFA Level I Exam Prep

This CFA Level 1 Training course equips exceptionally well for the CFA exam and pass the exam in your first attempt.

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Instructor(s): eduCBA (CBCPL)

Last update: 2022-06-12

What you’ll learn

  • you will learn about Professional Standards of Practice and Ethical Practices
  • one of the most significant characteristics of a CFA qualified professional is his/her ethical standard while dealing with client/s
  • The ethics module becomes slightly tricky especially for those who are not working in the Financial Industry
  • Given its 15% weightage, do ensure to revise this module multiple times to get a solid grasp in Ethics.



  • Willingness to clear CFA Level 1: CFA course isn’t for everyone. You need real commitment and dedication to sit and clear the exam. It’s so vast and you need to put in many hours of effort to be able to clear the exam. This course is very comprehensive and if you can go through this thoroughly, you will be able to clear the exam. Understanding of basic finance: You will learn the fundamentals of accounting & finance. But having a basic knowledge will always help.



CFA Level 1 is the first step toward making your investment-career a reality. You may have heard about CFA Level 1, but may never get the time to dive in. But before going into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk a bit about why this three-letter word is worth pursuing. Now you may have an approach to treat the CFA level 1 exam to clear. We urge you not to do that. Instead, look at it as if you’re being shown a way to expand your knowledge base and to improve your investment-comprehension. CFA Institute has designed the program in such a way that the purpose of the CFA level 1 exam is to ensure that you understand all the investment tools in terms of understanding the topics and to instill knowledge and comprehension in terms of learning focus.

This course is designed by professionals who have already gone through the CFA course the hard way. The primary reason to create this course is not to let you go through the pain of preparation.

If you go through this course step by step, it shouldn’t be hard, as our primary motto is to pare down the difficulty from CFA level 1 exam. But if you don’t follow the step by step approach, it may seem difficult to understand. this course would ease your preparation time. The main issue students face while preparing for the course is which structure they should follow to study! This course is very well structured and easy to understand. All students need to do is to go step by step to understand and master every subject.


Who this course is for

  • Students of Finance: Not all students of finance should go for CFA. But if you have the ambition to go for professions like investment banking, private equity, equity research, financial analysis or anything related to investments, you must go for this course. This course is the ultimate preparation guide for CFA level 1. Once you do this course, be certain that you will be able to clear the first level with flying colors. But you need to understand the concepts and practice. Finance professionals: Finance professionals can also go for this course, but only if they want to clear CFA level 1. Clearing the exam while pursuing a full-time job isn’t for the faint-hearted but this course will show you how.


Course content

  • CFA I Ethics
    • Ethics – Code of Ethics and Professional Standards
    • Professional Standard
    • 1B-Independence and Objectivity
    • Misconduct
    • 2A-Material Non -Public Information
    • 3A-Loyaty‚ Prudence and Care
    • Client Aproval
    • 3C-Suitability
    • 3E-Presevation of Confedentiality
    • 4C-Responsibility of Supervisors
    • 5B-Communication with Clients and Prospective Clients
    • 6A-Disclosure of Conflicts
    • 7A-Responsibility as A CFA Member Candidate
    • Global Investment Performance Standard
    • Composite Construction and Purpose
    • Purpose of Verification
    • Objective of Gips
    • Gips Compliant Firm Responsibilities
    • Major Sections of Gips


CFA Level I Exam PrepCFA Level I Exam Prep

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