Change Management: Beginner to Expert

Change Management: Beginner to Expert

Change Management: Beginner to Expert

Learn all the fundamentals of organizational change management and thrive in management and leadership

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Ahmed Labeeb

Last update: 2022-04-01

What you’ll learn

  • Difficulties people face adapting to change
  • What is resistance to change, and how does it occur?
  • What is change readiness?
  • How to enhance change readiness?
  • The four incentives of change management and how to use them for successfully implementing change
  • Common project methodologies followed in most organization
  • Importance of communication for implementing change



  • No prior experience or academic qualifications needed
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is a must
  • Individuals working in corporate environments
  • Project managers, project coordinators, product managers and product owners who wish to implement changes for reaching goals
  • Students who want to gain more knowledge on Change Management
  • Management professionals, entrepreneurs, business analysts, human resource experts


Change Management: Beginner to ExpertChange Management: Beginner to Expert



Ultimate course on the fundamentals of Organizational Change management intended to educate corporate professionals, project managers, business owners, business analysts, students and others interested in obtaining proper insight on the subject matter.

I have worked as a customer success representative for more than a year. I am now working as a Team Lead for the Brand Protection & Quality Assurance department at Staff Asia which is an established offshoring company. I am also working as a Frontend Developer(UI) for a USA-based Start-up called Ark-am.

Throughout my professional journey, I have adapted to various changes, including managing multiple Business Development and Quality Assurance projects at once, finding and implementing methods to increase brand image and revenue, updating existing work methods, team coordination and improving efficiency, partnering with diverse companies with different business models and so on. I also hold qualifications in Business Management & Cybersecurity equivalent to Associate Degree. Currently, I am completing my qualification in Business Administration equivalent to a Bachelors Degree.

This course covers the core concepts, such as difficulties people face adapting to change, what resistance to change is, how it occurs, what change readiness is, how to enhance it and the four incentives of change management. This course also includes additional lectures on project management methods and communication.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to learn in-depth about change management.


Change Management: Beginner to ExpertChange Management: Beginner to Expert


Who this course is for

  • Senior Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Human Resource Experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Change Experts
  • Business Owners
  • Professional Consultants
  • Students


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