Chemical Engineering for non-chemical engineers

Chemical Engineering for non-chemical engineers

Chemical Engineering for non-chemical engineers

Intro to chemical Engineering

Language: english

Note: 4.5/5 (9 notes) 172 students

Instructor(s): Mohamed Fawzy

Chemical Engineering for non-chemical engineers



Welcome to the introduction to chemical engineering

This course is designed For students who try to get an understanding of chemical engineering who wants to get the basic knowledge of chemical engineering and learn about some of the interesting fields of chemical engineering, or you are a graduate chemical engineer or an engineer from another field working in the industrial engineering this course will be at you interest as you will learn all the aspect to help in the industry.

I’m looking forward to teaching you the ABCs of chemical engineering, from the Roles and responsibilities of chemical engineering, alongside some basic knowledge like transfer phenomena as fluid transfer, heat transfer, and mass transfer, last but not least you will learn Reaction engineering, and learn how to control any process to get the desired production rate.

Even with a very little background, you will recognize how important the problem described in this memo would be. Your company could not operate very long if it could not dispose of the acid waste product. The failure of your company would mean the loss of

many jobs and would have a disastrous impact on many individuals and families.

So Don’t Hesitate to join me in this journey through chemical engineering.



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