Citrix XenServer Virtualization

Citrix XenServer Virtualization

Citrix XenServer Virtualization

Learn about Citrix XenServer and how to manage Virtual Machines using it

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What you’ll learn

  • he course has been designed to offer you the real taste of working with Citrix XenServer.
  • The course will take you through the introduction at the beginning and the complexity level will increase as time passes.
  • This Citrix XenServer Certification will make you grab the skill that the system administrator has to posses while working with virtualizing the server or VM
  • You will get the real exposure to how the hardware can be distributed to make it available for the VM.



  • Before starting to learn Citrix, you will be required to have a fundamental knowledge of a few things that we will be discussing in this paragraph. You will need to have a basic understanding of system administration. The one who designs a solution on how the remote system will be connecting to the physical server must define the way to make it happen actually. If you know the set of rules that can be applied in the VM to limit the remote user’s access, it will be very easy for you to learn Citrix XenServer. The more you have familiarity with this, the more you are likely to understand the working of Citrix XenServer in a very short span of time.



In this XenServer Certification module, you will be learning about the introduction of Citrix XenServer followed by the advanced level as well. At the beginning of the course, you will get to know about the Jargons of Citrix XenServer that we will be using throughout the course. This is going to be a four hours long video tutorial where you will get an insight into how the virtualization of the VM takes place and how the resources are shared to make efficient use of it. You will also learn how Citrix is used to connect to the remote servers that could be located anywhere around the globe. This module consists of several topics that are followed by an example. One topic may contain several examples where you will be supposed to do things on your own to get the real insight into how Citrix works. You will get a chance to set up things in the same way the system administrators do.

Citrix XenServer may be defined as the platform that can be used to virtualize the servers or VMs. It is the technology that allows us to access remote servers that are located anywhere globally. Citrix XenServer facilitates resource sharing by distributing the memory, CPU, and storage to different servers. The main motive behind the implementation of this technology is to make the use of limited available resources efficiently. It helps businesses in reducing the cost of business operations by minimizing the number of resources to operate the business.

To get a clear view of the concept of Citrix XenServer, let us proceed with an example. Suppose an organization that is having its roots in the USA wants to outsource some work to a company located in India. The organizations don’t want to set their servers in India due to meet the government standard compliance, but they also want folks from India to access their server to perform the business operations. In this case, they will deploy Citrix XenServer that will let peers from India access their servers located in the USA. The interesting thing is, the organization can define how the hardware has to be distributed to the Indian organization who is working for the US-based business as a partner.


Who this course is for

  • The best audience for this Citrix XenServer Certification can be the professionals who are working as the system administrator. They will learn how to manage the resources for remote access. This course will be helping to learn extra things like how the hardware has to be distributed among several users. The dynamic resource allocation is what they will be mastering in this XenServer training. If they are already working as a system administrator, they will get the extra edge of getting the things done remotely. They will be bringing some extra skills in them making them more valuable.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Xen Server
    • What is Xen Server
  • Hypervisors and Features
    • Xen Hypervisors
    • Virtualization Types
    • Virtualization Types Continues
    • Virtualization Features
    • Xen Server Features
  • Installation
    • Installation Steps
    • Installation Steps Continues
    • System and Commands
  • Virtual Machine
    • Virtual Machine In Xen Server
    • Types of Virtual Machine
    • Creating a VM Xen server
    • Xen Server Tools
    • Commands of VM Creation
  • Creating LINUX VM
    • Creating Linux Vms snd its Commands
    • Creating Linux VMs by Internet Repository
    • Creating Linux Vms using CD and DVD
  • Command and Setting
    • Template Listing Command (VM_Creation)
    • Checking Virtual Machine Information
    • Setting Memory Limits in Xen Server
  • Storage
    • Purpose of Storage Repository
    • XenServer Storage
    • Storage Repository VM Creation
    • Storage Repository VM Creation Continues
    • Network VM Shutdown


Citrix XenServer Virtualization

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