Civil Engineering Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD

Civil Engineering Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD

Civil Engineering Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD

Learn how to draw the structural sheets of civil engineer project ( Shop Drawing ) + Manual Calculation for beginner

Language: english

Note: 4.1/5 (88 notes) 12,268 students

Instructor(s): Ahmad Traboulsi

Last update: 2021-09-20

What you’ll learn

  • Basics Civil Engineer Knowledge
  • How to determine the section of each structural member in a civil engineering project
  • Some AutoCAD basics Commands
  • Structural Shop Drawing of a Civil Engineering Project in AutoCAD



  • No programming experience needed you will learn everything in this course



Part 1: Introduction for beginner civil engineers in manual calculation of structural elements

Manual calculation of :

1-  Slab thickness ( How we can determine manually the thickness of all types of slabs: waffles slabs type 1 and type 2,  Ribbed slabs, Solid Slabs , and Flat Slabs + Show the properties advantages and disadvantages of these slabs)

2- Beams thickness interior and exterior beams in all types of slabs and how we can choose the optimized design of Slab- beams system

Part 2: Learn the basics commands in AutoCAD to be ready to the shop drawing practice ( How to draw lines, How to draw polyline, Copy, Move, How to draw X-line, How to draw circle, How to draw Hatch in AutoCAD, How to do match properties in AutoCAD, How to print a sheet in AutoCAD.

Part 3:  Students will learn how begin the shop drawing of a civil engineering project in the following steps:

1- How to draw the structural Axes

2- How to distribute the columns

3- How the draw the Column’s details and Column’s elevation.

4- How to draw the reinforcement of the columns + table.

5- How to draw the slabs layout and reinforcement.

6- How to draw the beams layout and reinforcement.

7- How to draw the details of beams and sections.

8- How to draw the draw the foundations layout.

9- How to draw the sections of the foundations.

10- How to draw the reinforcement of the foundations.


Who this course is for

  • For all Civil Engineering Students


Course content

  • Part 1 Introduction
    • Introduction part1 description of the project
    • Introduction part 2 waffle slab type 1
    • Introduction part 2 Waffle Slab type 2
    • Introduction part 2 One Way Ribbed Slab
    • Introduction part 2 Flat Slab
    • Introduction part 2 solid slab
  • Part 2 : Basics Commands in AutoCAD
    • Line, Polyline, Points in AutoCAD 2020
    • How to draw rectangle in AutoCAD 2020
    • Copy and move in AutoCAD 2020
    • How to draw circle in AutoCAD 2020
    • Offset in AutoCAD 2020
    • Mirror in AutoCAD 2020
    • Rotate in AutoCAD 2020
    • Fillet in AutoCAD 2020
    • Extend and Trim in AutoCAD 2020
    • X-line in AutoCAD 2020
    • Hatch in AutoCAD 2020
    • Scale and Stretch in AutoCAD 2020
    • Layers properties in AutoCAD 2020
    • Text in AutoCAD 2020
    • Dimensions create edit and Style in AutoCAD 2020
    • Print in AutoCAD 2020
  • Part 3 Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD 2020
    • Introduction to Part 3
    • Distribute the columns and draw them with the axes
    • Draw Columns details and elevation
    • Slab Layout and reinforcement ( Flat slab, solid slab, ribbed slab, and waffle
    • Beams layout details and section
    • Foundations
    • How to prepare a file to import it to ETABS and other engineering software


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