Common English Idioms: Improve Your Conversational Skills

Common English Idioms: Improve Your Conversational Skills

Common English Idioms: Improve Your Conversational Skills

Learn everyday English idioms from a native speaker and professional TEFL teacher!

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Welcome to Udemy’s no. 1 course for English Idioms!

Do you want to improve your knowledge of English idiomss? Would you like to experience a course that is both engaging and fun?

Mr Vocab’s Idiom stories is a collection of short stories designed to teach English students over 50 common idioms.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for ESL students who are  B1 level and above.

Why are we using stories to learn?

Anybody can buy a book and try to memorise idioms by staring at a page! However, when you can see the idioms in context, they are much easier to remember.

The stories are short, funny and they include further examples of the idioms at the end. Furthermore, a quiz is included at the end of every single lecture. This gives students the chance to immediately test their knowledge.

What does the course include?

The course is designed to give all students the best possible chance of learning and memorising their idioms.

  • Introduction (advice on how to succeed with this course)

  • Idiom Stories

  • A quiz after every lecture

  • Additional examples & resources

What advice can you give me to improve my English vocabulary in general?

Mr Vocab believes that learning English should be fun. One of the most common questions we receive from ESL students, is how to learn new vocabulary! The truth is, everybody is different. One piece of advice may be suitable for one student, and unsuccessful for another.

However, we feel that to learn vocabulary, the student MUST try to learn it in context. This means seeing or hearing the vocabulary in real stories, or real conversations.

Common English Idioms: Improve Your Conversational Skills



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