Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom

Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom

Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom

Become a Master At Teaching Google Classroom – Teaching Online with Google Classroom – Google Certified Educator

Language: english

Note: 4.3/5 (342 notes) 36,604 students

Instructor(s): TJ Walker

Last update: 2021-10-29

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Practically how Google Classroom Can Change Learning
  • Enroll Students Into a Classroom Using Easier Method
  • How to Setup Google Account to Use Google Classroom
  • Stream Professionally on Your Class Using Stream Tab
  • Create Assignment and Quiz with Auto Grading and Result
  • Stream Material, or Post Reuse Post from Other Classes to Even Engage Student
  • Google Calendar with Google Classroom Can Be Learned to Create Amazing Event
  • Learn to Work Both on Web and Phone on Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Meet
  • Guide on How You Can User with School or Personally with Your Student on Any Platform
  • Learn how To Communicate with Students Using Google Classroom
  • Share to Google Classroom Extension Which Makes Easier to Manage and Engage Student
  • Google Calendar Extension to See the Event Coming Up
  • Google Drive Extension Let You Save Anything Anytime
  • Google Translate Extension Helps You to Get Meaning of Each Word Anytime
  • Use Bitmoji to Create Your Avatar to Make Fun Teaching
  • Flubarroo Extension Will Will Help to Auto Grading Within Your Quiz
  • Case Change Extension that Will Help You to Make Everything Nice
  • How to Go Offline Over Google Docs, Google Slide, & Google Sheet
  • Creating Paper Test for Your Class Using Just Table in Google Docs
  • Security Is Everything! Create Proper Password, Keep You Date and Device Secure
  • The Best Solution to Keep and Have Password Through Last Pass
  • Doing Math with Google Docs
  • Screenshot with Math Extension
  • MathType
  • Extra methods to Help you Teach on Google Classroom
  • How To Look And Sound Your Best Camera
  • Eliminate All Unnecessary Verbal Tics and Fillers



  • Be Motivated to Change Student Experience with Learning
  • Be Passionate on Teaching
  • Willingness to learn 🙂



The Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom: Become a Master At Teaching Google Classroom – Teaching Online with Google ClassroomGoogle Certified Educator

Recent Updates:

  • How do I record my screen recording video?

  • Added 3 videos guide for new Google Classroom update 1. Environment 2. Invite by URL 3. Return Once All with 1 click

  • Added Lecture on How You Can Do Math in Google Classroom Using Docs and Math Type

  • How to Keep Your Devices Secure

  • Complete Guide of Making and Keeping Passwords that You Haven’t Heard Of!

  • Complete Guide of Designing Test Paper on Google Doc

  • Share to Classroom Is Gone! (I Am Crying)

  • Go Offline No Matter What! (Lecture

  • Google Meet New Update Interface

  • Use Case Changer Extension Anytime Anywhere

Are you in the digital education industry and want to teach even more professionally?

I am sure you have heard of Google Classroom for teaching classes, Google Classroom teaching service will make your students have a more positive experience and deep learning!

Google Classroom is a free Google for education and Google Suites service. With the Google Classroom web application or with its phone app you can assist students in progress, and teachers’ communication, manage and organize assignments, go paperless, and much more!

Google Classroom during the pandemic days can help you to make students reach their lessons safer and easier so you want to engage them even better you can do it using Google Classroom that is part of the Google suite!

Google Classroom is an easy-to-use and beautiful application that brings students new and different experiences over-learning either in physical class or virtually in Udemy or other learning platforms.

In this Google Classroom teaching app, we cover everything you need to teach either physically or virtually! We will cover teaching in class to use apps in an appropriate way to make your class engaging! From setting the app to managing it efficiently and effectively.

Security is everything. As extra bonus to this course, we want to help you to create a proper password and keep it into LastPass (The best password vault ever). We will go step to step to explain and help you. Having data and devices secured is another issue these days with a teacher or student or maybe personal use. It is a high priority to learn. Don’t worry we will focus on it.

And, TJ Walker will help you to look and sound best in your class and on camera. TJ will go through each and help you. As a teacher, our job is a presentation so we should learn how to do it properly and with a higher win. Don’t worry if you worry about how you look, we explain in every way through speaking to makeup. Join us now!

By taking this Google Classroom teaching course you will be able to:

  • Learn to create a verified Google Account for Google Classroom teaching service

  • How to make your class set up and where to start

  • Making students invitation and motivating them to join

  • Managing students post on stream easily

  • Creating quiz more professional to give students classwork

  • Question creating that is a simple version of Quiz

  • Learn how to grade students grade better

  • Reusing old posts from the old class you had or have

  • Learn to work on your Class on the phone or web both

  • Get the most out of your classroom by managing its settings

  • Install Chrome extension to let your students have other positive experiences

  • Create even easier than before you just to know about Google Calendar

  • Understand Google Meet on how you can create a meeting and schedule a meeting

  • Go in Live Meeting even if you don’t have super speed Connection you can manage it using Google Meet Settings

  • Learn how to create a paper test easily using the table technique

  • Understand how to have a proper password to keep everything secure with you and your student

  • Learn how to look best and sound best in camera for your class

  • Learn how to handle some technical issues

  • and much more…

What do students say about JM Ekhteyari?

“A wonderful and excellent course. Thank you for the efforts made and the valuable information. I wish you more progress for the better.” Noor Abdulameer

“It was really a good match for me. I managed to move with your pace and the most interesting part was on adding personal bitmoji and flubarroo for assessment of performance.”  Mataruse Ratidzo

“Very good and explanatory course. Thanks” Khawaja Raheel

“Long, but it was informative.” Albert Lathlin

“Wow!!! it was such insightful training. I have learned so much. thanks to my teachers especially JT Walter. God bless you all.” TITILAYO ONUKWU

“It’s informative and good for new learners.” Kanwal Atif

“Well, it looks like I’m about to learn something new. Google is Great I love it.” Ali Bostan

“Really informative. Gain good knowledge. Thanks, both of you for such a wonderful course. Thank You” Manoj Ashok Mechkul

“Excellent session and helpful to the learner to know and use the tools available” Dr. Rajendra Chunilal Patil

“Excellent course. It will very helpful in creating my Google classroom” Sudhar Kani A

“Es muy interesante, aunque esta parte es aún básica, espero poder avanzar pronto y sorprenderme con el material.”  Johnny Guerrero Buchelli

“Yes…I am conducting online classes using google classroom only… Funds this course pretty useful” Prasanna Palsodkar

So don’t hesitate anymore,

Join us now to make new experiences with your students!

This Google Classroom course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: google classroom – teaching – complete google classroom course – master google classroom – google meet – complete google classroom course: teaching google classroom – learning management system – google – online teaching – complete google classroom. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: Google certified educator – Google workspace (G suite) – teaching online – Google drive.


Who this course is for

  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • Instructors
  • Coaches
  • Home School Teachers
  • Home School Parents
  • Speaker
  • Anyone who wants to teach his or her students differently


Course content

  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
    • Complete Google Classroom Course Teaching Google Classroom Promo Video
    • Quick Wins! Start your class today just under 4 minutes!
    • Create Google Account to use Google Classroom
    • Setting up the Google Classroom
    • Your Google Classroom Questions Will Be Answered Right Here!
    • (New) New Changes to Your Classroom
    • Invite Your Student by Code
    • (New) Invite Your Student by URL
    • Google Classroom Dashboard Features Even Helps You More on Teaching
    • Google Classroom Settings You Need to Know
    • How You Can Join Your Google Classroom
    • Here Is Your VIP Google Classroom that You Can Join for Further Support!
    • Another Quick Wins! Share your Google Classroom to make meeting at real time!
    • Another Quick Wins! Are you tired of receiving lots of email from student?
  • Stream Management
    • Streaming is an Important Part of Class so Learn it!
    • Class Settings is Super Important to Manage
  • Create Assignment and Quiz
    • Creating Assignment – Involve Your Student to Make Progress
    • Create Quizzes (part 1)
    • Create Quizzes (part 2)
    • Create Quizzes (part 3)
    • Create Quizzes (part 4)
    • Create Quizzes (part 5)
    • Creating Questions Is Useful Whenever You Don’t Want Quiz
    • You Can Also Stream Material, Reuse and Topic
    • Respond Quickly to Your Student by Returning Their Work All Once
  • Google Calendar
    • Create Event Using Google Calendar
    • Calendar Event Management
    • Google Calendar settings
  • Students Tab
    • Mange your students better from People tab
    • Check Students Progress to help them on learning even more
  • Google Classroom on Phone (teacher View)
    • Google Classroom Installation
    • Google Classroom Interface on Phone
    • How Does Your Class Look Like in Phone
    • Learn to Create Event Easier From Phone
    • Reach Student Faster With Phone Notification
    • Make Your Classroom Settings Better
  • Google Classroom on Phone (Student View)
    • Your student Google Classroom environment on Phone
    • How Students Can See Event Through Calendar
    • To Do and Important Settings
  • Google Meet
    • Create and Join a Meeting
    • (New) Google Meet Update
    • (New) Google Meet Settings Updates
    • Schedule Meeting from Google Meet
    • Google Meet Settings
    • Learn to Share Your Screen
  • Google Meeting App
    • Google Meet Installation
    • Join and Create Meeting
    • Final Talk
  • Share to Google Classroom extension
    • Chrome Extension Make Your Class Perfect
    • Share to Google Classroom Installation
    • Get Your Student to the Same page
    • Assignment
    • Creating Questions
    • Create Announcements
    • Share Google Classroom Settings
    • (New) Share to Classroom extension is gone! ( I am crying!)
  • Google Calendar, Google drive, Google Translate, Flubroo, and Bitmoji
    • Google Calender’s Extension
    • Save to Google Drive Extension
    • Google Translate Extensions
    • Bitmoji
    • Flubarroo
    • (New) Case Changer Extension Makes Everything Easier for You
  • (New) Go Offline Anywhere Anytime
    • (New) You Can Make Everything Offline With Google Docs, slides, Drawings
  • (New) How To Switch Between Teacher Dashboard and Student Dashboard
    • (New) You Just Need to Create Profile in Chrome
  • Create Test Paper Easily Using Table
    • Quick Looks – Creating Paper Test
    • Create Test Paper Using Table Like a Pro Teacher
    • Real Example of Creating Test Paper
  • (New) Security Is Everything!
    • Quick Win – Insecurity Is Coming from You and Others
    • Understand Security Type or Category
    • Life Savers – You Should Know These
  • (New) Proper Password Is Longer, Complicated but Does Not Have Pattern
    • Quick Win – Create Unknown password
    • Security Is Everthing
    • Have Proper Password – Start Securing You Now
    • Don’t Use the Same Password Anymore
    • Should You Use Longer Password or Complicated?!
    • The Best and Only Solution to Make and Keep Password Un-Crack-Able
  • (New) The Best Solution Is Last Pass Chrome Extension & Authy App
    • Last-Pass Set-Up and Configure
    • Last-Pass Options Part 1
    • Last-Pass Options Part 2
    • Last-Pass Option Part 3
    • 2FA Makes You Even Stronger in Password
    • Last-Pass & Authy Mobile App
    • Congratulations You Can Make Stronger Password Now!
  • (New) Secure Devices, Data and Privacy
    • (New) Security Is Everything, Keep Secured Your Devices
    • (New) Security on Your Data and Privacy
  • (New) Math in Google Classroom and Teaching Math
    • Math in Google Docs and Google Classroom Assignments
    • Math Screenshot in Google Forms using On-Click Screenshot
    • You can do more with One-Click Screenshot in Google Chrome
    • MathType with Google Docs and Google Classroom Assignments
    • MathType and Microsoft Word
  • Extra Course to Help you Teach on Google Classroom
    • Quick Win! Here Is How to look Your Best on Video
    • 2nd Quick Win! This Is How You Use Your Voice Effectively Online
    • Good News-You Already Have the Core Skills You Need to Be a Great Online Teacher
    • Here Are the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Online
    • Here Is One Possible Solution for Your Backdrop
    • Pay Attention to Your Background
  • This Is How You Will Look And Sound Your Best
    • Your Voice Is Not enough for Your Students. They Need to See Your Face
    • This Is Exactly How You Look Your Best On Camera
    • Your Students Must Hear You Clearly
    • You Don’t Have to Be a Movie Star or TV Anchor
    • You Must Engage Students Even When You Can’t See Them
    • Here Is a Foolproof Way to Eliminate Nervousness About Speaking on Camera
  • Technical Issues to Consider
    • Here Is the Perfect Video Camera for You
    • There Are Many Great Tech Platforms for Teaching Students Online
    • No, You Really Shouldn’t Use a Teleprompter or a Script
  • You Can Become a Great Online Teacher
    • Learn How to Speak to Your Students More Effectively Online
  • This Is How You Or Your Talent Will Look The Best On Camera
    • Sell the Message by Selling the Messenger
    • Sit Like This to Look Your Best – Confidence on Camera
    • Here Is Where to Look On Camera
    • Never Look Bored or Scared Again
    • Move Like a Seasoned TV Pro
    • Never Let the Seat Swallow You Up
    • Standing In Front of the Camera With the Greatest of Ease
    • Dressing for TV and Video Success
    • Your Turn to Be On Camera
    • How the Media Pros Rehearse Their Interviews
  • Makeup Is For Everyone
    • Here is Why You Need Makeup
    • Makeup Tips Just for Women
    • Makeup Tips Just For Men
    • Preparing Your Own Makeup Routine
    • Establishing Your Makeup System
  • Polish Your Presence – Eliminate All Unnecessary Verbal Tics and Fillers
    • Master the Quickest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Verbal Tics
    • Now Your Know Where the Tics Come From
    • You Are Not Alone
    • Hit the Pin, Not the Sand Trap
    • Don’t Let the Ding A Ling Get You
    • Eliminating the Source of Your Speaking Discomfort Once and For All
    • Appear More Confident By Using Smaller Words
    • You Will Avoid the Data Dump Blues
    • Never Worry About Remembering Again
    • The Number 1 Tip for Eliminating Nerves
    • A Focus Group To Make You Better
  • How I Record My Videos Screen Recording?
    • (NEW) How I Record My Videos Screen Recording?
  • How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom and Generate a Report
    • How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom and Generate a Report
  • Conclusion
    • We Are Almost At the End of this Google Classroom Course
    • Online Teaching May Become Your Preferred Way of Teaching, Believe It Or Not
    • All Teachers Need to Be Evaluated In Order to Improve
    • One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library
    • Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course
    • Congratulations! You Are Now Ready To Use Google Classroom Effectively!
    • Another Quick Remainder: It Is a Great Time to Provide Us Feedback!


Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google ClassroomComplete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom

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