Complete Google Slides Course – Create Stunning Slides

Complete Google Slides Course - Create Stunning Slides

Complete Google Slides Course – Create Stunning Slides

Create Google Slides – Your Presentations Can Captivate – Beginner to Advanced – Wow the Audience

Language: english

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Instructor(s): TJ Walker

Last update: 2022-11-23

What you’ll learn

  • Design compelling and visually-appealing presentations
  • Customize preset templates, diagrams, and etc
  • Combining basic skills to create more advanced designs
  • Quick wins & resources to help better your presentations
  • Share & collaborate on slideshows from the comfort of your own home



  • Google account
  • Willingness to learn 🙂



Welcome to The Complete Google Slides Course. This course will teach you to understand how to use and design stunning slideshows using the Google application Google Slides.

Google Slides is a free presentation software that allows you to design visually-appealing presentations for both a professional and casual setting. When compared to Microsoft Powerpoint, Slides offers the benefit of simplicity. With its various templates and themes, it can be as simple as plugging text into the provided text boxes. However, you can take your presentation one step further by adding in customizations. By inserting images, animations, transitions, charts, and diagrams you can amaze your audience!

As a complete Google Slides course, this course will start from the basics; first covering the benefits of why you should use Google Slides and how to set up a presentation from either scratch or from a template. It will then segment into the design functions of Google Slides. The lessons from this section include understanding how to use the text box, how to create charts, how to insert links, and more. The learning portion of the course is then closed off with videos teaching more advanced/ not widely known functions. Here you will learn how to edit a master to further customize your slides, insert attention-grabbing diagrams to display data, and apply image masks to morph photos. In addition, quick wins are scattered across these three sections to provide more tips on how to create stunning, captivating presentations.

Sometimes Google Slides’ simple user interface misleads users to not take full advantage of the offered tools. Therefore there is a section that quickly walks through creating a few common slides to showcase how combining these simple and basic functions can lead you to stunning slideshows. Since presentations should be catered to their subject, these examples would not fit for every presentation topic. However, once you understand and become familiar with the tools on Google Slides, you will be able to follow your creativity and bring your slide visions to life.

Google Slides is a powerful application that allows you to design beautiful presentations for all occasions. This course will also show you how to strengthen your collaboration and communication skills so you can co-work on slideshows from the comforts of your own home. Some of the many things that you can make on Google Slides include:

  • Consulting proposals, case studies, stock pitches

  • Digital scrapbooks, portfolios, lookbooks

  • Lectures, projects, and etc.

Enroll to learn how to use Google Slides to create stunning presentations!


Who this course is for

  • Anyone interested in learning Google Slides
  • Anyone interested in creating stunning slides


Course content

  • You Can Make And Deliver Great Google Slides
    • Complete Google Slides Course – Create Stunning Slides Promo Video
  • Google Slides Introduction & Basics
    • Why Google Slides?
    • Presentation Setup
    • Reminder! Your Google Slides Questions Are Answered Right Here
    • Themes & Backgrounds
    • Quick Win: Template Resources
    • Quick Win: Color Palette
    • Quick Win: Background Resources
    • Layouts
    • Organizing Slides
  • Google Slides Design
    • Text Box & Aesthetics
    • Quick Win: Special Characters
    • Quick Win: Word Art
    • Quick Win: Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Images & Videos
    • Quick Win: Gifs
    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Shapes & Lines
    • Quick Win: Using Shapes for Numerical Data
    • Distribution
    • Ordering/ Layering
    • Links
    • Animations
    • Transitions
  • More Advanced Google Slides Features
    • Master View
    • Diagrams
    • Image Masking
    • Quick Win: Image Masking Title Slides
  • Bringing It Together
    • Walk-Through: “The Team” Slide
    • Walk-Through: “About Us/ Main Idea” Slide
    • Walk-Through: “Timeline” Slide
    • Walk-Through: “Challenges” Slide
    • Walk-Through: “Results/ Reviews” Slide
  • Presenting & Sharing
    • Present Slideshow
    • Speaker Notes
    • Comments
    • Share
  • How To Give a Great Presentation Using Google Slides
    • Enhance Your Presentations With Great Slides
    • Here is an Example of me Giving a PowerPoint Presentation
    • PowerPoint Is the Greatest Thing Ever (Maybe not)
    • Here Is Where You Start Your PowerPoint Presentation
    • The Ultimate PowerPoint Slide Test
    • Don’t Be Greedy. One Idea Per Slide
    • A Picture Does Tell a 1000 Words
    • Sorry, You Can’t Use PowerPoint for Your Notes
    • Preview to a PowerPoint Presentation Using These Techniques
    • Here Is How You Deliver a PowerPoint Presentation
    • Five Slides Is Enough
    • Your Turn To Deliver a PowerPoint
  • This Section Gives More Advanced Tips on PowerPoint Building on Last Section
    • You Will Never Give Another PowerPoint Presentation
    • The Perfect Starting Point for Any PowerPoint Presentation
    • This Will Motivate You Audience to Do Exactly What You Want Them To Do
    • What Are Your Motives for Delivering a PowerPoint Presentation
    • The Worst Possible Reason To Use PowerPoint Is…
    • Double Your PowerPoint, Double Your PowerPoint Pleasure
    • The Ultimate 2-Part Test for Every PowerPoint Slide
    • The Single Riskiest Thing You Could Ever Do When Delivering a PowerPoint
    • The Essential Steps of Creating PowerPoint Presentations
    • Your PowerPoint Presentation Must Be Just as Good as Your Q and A Session
    • You Must Be Ready for Disaster Striking!
    • It’s Not PowerPoint That Is Boring, It Is (look in the mirror)
    • Never Forget, YOU are the Boss of Your PowerPoint
    • Stop Asking Your Audience to Multitask!
    • Here Is Exactly What Should Go On Your PowerPoint Slide
    • This is How to Use a Graph In a PowerPoint
    • Nobody Cares About What Is Easy for You To Do
    • Would You Want to read a Book At A Movie Theater
    • Your Audience Already Has a Preferred Way of Reading
    • The Sequence of Your Presentation Is Key
    • Get Your Audience to Focus On One Thing At a Time This Way
    • Advancing Slides the Advanced Way
    • Want a Remote Control Then Bring Your Own
    • Complexity Is Your Enemy
    • Ha! Nobody Can See the Bottom Half of Your Slides
    • Only Liars Say ‘There Is No time to Rehearse the PowerPoint Presentation’
    • If Your PowerPoint Presentation Bores You, Guess Who Else It Bores
    • Laser Pointers Should Be Used Like This
    • One Image Per Slide Is the Golden Rule
    • Never Let PowerPoint Be Your Downer
    • Don’t Become a Character In Your Own Horror Movie
    • The Perfect Length of time for a PowerPoint Presentation Is…
    • This Is How You Cheat To Win On Every PowerPoint Challenge
    • Plan Your PowerPoint Preparation This Way
    • Test Your PowerPoint On a fresh Set of Eyes and Ears
    • If You Don’t Want Your Audience to Ignore Your PowerPoint, Do This
    • Answer These Questions Before Using Video In PowerPoint Presentations
    • Assume You Are the Only Competent, Trustworthy Person In the World
    • Don’t Forget the Occasional Prop
    • Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should
    • Notes on Special Effects
    • The Perfect Way to Start Every PowerPoint Presentation
    • Managers Will NEVER Have to Look at boring Employee PowerPoint Again!
    • Here Is How to Deliver Somebody Else’s PowerPoint Presentation
    • Your PowerPoint Presentation Still Requires Stories
    • Never Talk About Your PowerPoint
    • Free Focus Group Research to Make all Your PowerPoint Presentations Improve
    • The Perfect Number of Bullet Points Per slide Is…
    • The Perfect Number of PowerPoint Slides Is…
  • Conclusion to Complete Google Slides Course – Create Stunning Slides
    • We Are Close to the Finish Line!
    • Test Your Slides By Asking For Feedback
    • Congratulations! You Now Have Mastery Over Google Slides


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