Comprehensive Chinese Sampler

Comprehensive Chinese Sampler

Comprehensive Chinese Sampler

Practical and fun introduction to the Chinese language

Language: english

Note: 0/5 (0 notes) 150 students

Instructor(s): 8th Avenue



Are you looking for the most fun and practical Chinese course on the market?  Do you want to dip your toes into learning Chinese before deciding whether or not you actually want to give it your all?  Do you want to learn not only how to speak and understand Chinese, but also how to read Chinese characters!  And do think learning should be as fun as possible?  Then this is where you wanna be!

Welcome to 8th Avenue Chinese!  What sets us apart from other Chinese courses?  We make learning fun.  Whether you’re laughing with us or at us, we’re sure you’ll be smiling as you dip your toes into learning to speak, understand, and even read Chinese with this Comprehensive Chinese Sampler course, all without paying anything!  We’re confident that  you’ll enjoy every minute of this sampler AND learn practical Chinese at the same time.   

What will you learn in this course?  The first part will give you an introduction to Chinese tones and pronunciation.  The second part of the course will teach you Chinese greetings and give you a few other high-frequency words and phrases.  And in the third part, you’ll learn a few very common Chinese characters starting from the most basic and moving on to more complicated ones.  And you’ll absolutely love the process!  Happy learning!

Your Chinese learning partners,

Mark, Chris, & Tianxia (Julie)


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