Content Marketing – ROI Driven B2B & B2C to Acquire New User

Content Marketing - ROI Driven B2B & B2C to Acquire New User

Content Marketing – ROI Driven B2B & B2C to Acquire New User

Best B2B and B2C content marketing strategy with case studies and tools for senior marketers to drive organic growth.

Language: english

Note: 4.3/5 (20 notes) 698 students

Instructor(s): Sathyanarayana G

Last update: 2021-08-25

What you’ll learn

  • Content marketing case studies that will help you craft best content marketing strategy for your product.
  • Unique content marketing examples from some of the best product companies around the world.
  • Content marketing frameworks that will help you plan your content strategy.
  • Content marketing strategy to get SEO visibility to acquire new users for your product.
  • Planning content marketing funnel based on your user journey and stage of the funnel.
  • Build thought leadership for your brand using content.
  • Content repurposing of your existing blog posts into PPT’s, PDF’s, infographics, videos, etc.
  • Content distribution to the right target audience by mapping it to your content strategy.
  • Tracking ROI on content marketing and performance tracking for the content marketing activity.



  • Curiosity to learn content marketing


Content Marketing - ROI Driven B2B & B2C to Acquire New User

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Hi there, I’m Sathyanarayana and I’m the founder of Growth Meets, a growth marketing agency. I have been working with startups and brands for the last 10 years and have helped them with content marketing strategy and execution.

Content marketing has helped these brands to drive SEO visibility and acquire new customers for their products. You can start tracking positive results from content marketing activity in under 2-3 months when you do it the right way.

It’s important to identify the target audience and their motivations to craft the content that will get them to take action. There are tools that will help you analyze this easily. We will explore some of these tools in this course to understand your TG like a pro.

If you are a content writer, the natural career progression for you is to become a content marketer, a more strategic role that is in demand in big product companies and startups all over the world.

This is one of the high-paying jobs that will best fit those who have a flair for content and can use their creativity to communicate the value of products to end-users.

This course will help you learn those leadership skills for the content marketers that are much needed in the industry.

I wish you all the best in your content marketing journey!


Content Marketing - ROI Driven B2B & B2C to Acquire New UserContent Marketing - ROI Driven B2B & B2C to Acquire New User

Who this course is for

  • Product managers who want to get their users to use their product
  • Content marketers who want to get more visibility for their content
  • Digital marketers who want drive more users to grow organically
  • Marketers who want to acquire new users for their product
  • Startup founders who want to create awareness about their new startup
  • Founders who want to build thought leadership for themselves using content


Course content

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • Welcome to content marketing
    • What is content marketing?
    • 3 laws of content marketing
    • Benjamin Franklin’s 200 year old content marketing case study
    • Genius strategy by Michelin – content marketing case study
  • Content marketing for B2B and B2C
    • Content marketing ideas for B2B companies
    • Lucidchart – B2B content marketing example 1
    • Shopify – B2B content marketing example 2
    • Content marketing ideas for B2C companies
    • Blendtec – B2C content marketing example 1
    • Lowe’s – B2C content marketing example 2
  • Tools – Content marketing stack
    • Content marketing funnel
    • Tools – Content marketing stack
    • Answer the public – Content marketing tool
    • Exploding Topics – Content marketing tool
    • Followerwonk – Content marketing tool
    • Blog Topic Generator – Content marketing tool
    • Speedwrite – Content marketing tool
    • Hemmingway App – Content marketing tool
  • Content repurposing
    • Content repurposing – Blog post to PPT, PDF, Infographic, Video and more
  • Content distribution and content mapping
    • Content Distribution
    • Content Mapping
  • Content performance tracking, success metrics and best practices
    • Content performance tracking, success metrics and best practices
    • Questions? Thank you



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